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Introduction to the fourth generation composite superconducting heating

this technology has been examined and approved by the national patent examination and approval, and has been approved. The patent right number is 200520125456.7

it is the latest heating invention patent just examined and approved by the national patent office in October 2006.

as we all know, the vacuum superconducting technology is developed from the aviation heat pipe technology invented by the United States. At present, some individuals and private enterprises boast that they invented it by themselves, which is purely misleading and reminds people to be deceived. It is characterized by fast heat transfer speed, which is 3 times that of red copper and 1500 times that of silver. The system can increase the temperature to more than 100 degrees in about 5 minutes, and the thermal efficiency can reach 95%. Coal, electricity, oil, gas, diesel and other heat sources can be used, saving 70% of energy and 40% of installation cost. It is the preferred technology for developing high-efficiency heat conduction. At present, there is no heat conduction technology in the world whose thermal efficiency and energy-saving effect can exceed this technology. The first generation of heat pipe technology developed by our institute is to add a single independent steel pipe such as low boiling point eutectic, vacuum seal, and conduct indirect heat conduction; The second generation of application is to extend the steel pipe for direct heating, and the steel sheet is laid on the pipe for heat dissipation. After extensive use and technical improvement, the third generation is extended to practical single tube or double tube conduction, and the heat sink is dragged to generate temperature, which enhances the thermal efficiency and is put into civil use. During this period, our institute has used 8 years of research and experiment. Now this practical vacuum superconducting heating has been popularized in our Institute for 6 years, and is highly praised by the production users

superconducting technology can be widely used in winter heating of families, units and shopping malls, and greenhouse warming. Easy installation, fast heat transfer, successful commissioning at one time, lifelong maintenance free, no water, energy saving and antifreeze, no "running, emitting, dripping, leaking" phenomenon, and it can be started directly at minus 40 ℃. Superconducting liquid is non-toxic, tasteless, non corrosive, non combustible, non explosive, safe, hygienic and reliable to use. It is a new generation of water heating products, and a variety of heating products can be developed:

1. Home heating can be achieved by refitting an ordinary coal stove or water heating stove. The stove fire can be used for cooking and cooking. It is convenient to use and saves energy. The surface temperature of the radiator can reach more than 100 degrees, realizing the high-temperature effect never achieved in the history of water heating

2. The coil type hot water shower can be made on the heating pipeline, without heating energy. Directly adding cold water will continuously flow out of hot water, which is used for washing vegetables, clothes and baths in winter. It is very convenient

3. The superconducting furnace can be modified or self-made, which can be used for plants and buildings with hundreds or thousands of square meters

4. Vacuum superconducting coal stove heating and air conditioning: this air conditioner can generate 80-100 degrees of hot air in a few minutes at room temperature, which is several times that of ordinary air conditioning. If it needs to generate more than 150 degrees, it can continuously deliver hot air to the room for 24 hours

5. Electric heating self-control superconducting air conditioner: it can be used in offices, bedrooms, schools, etc., with safe operation and power saving of more than 50%. A room of about 25 square meters can use w electricity. Freon air conditioners in cold areas can't be started at all. Superconducting air conditioners don't have this phenomenon. They don't need power. They are easy to process and have a broad market

6. It is used in the production of drying equipment. The method is simple. It can be produced by heating installation. The input cost is low and it is widely used, such as the drying of food, industry, medicinal materials, firecrackers, plastic spraying, paint baking, etc. it can realize automatic temperature control and save more than 70% than electric heating

7. It is used for the waste heat utilization of chemical plants and power plants, with less investment, simplicity, higher efficiency and efficiency

8. It is used for greenhouse heating and breeding farm heating, without the influence of exhaust gas, cost saving, random burning and shutdown, and is not limited by the weather

simple installation, high profit and unlimited business opportunities. It can be produced with an investment of 1-2000 yuan:

take the ordinary 150 square meter residence as an example:

if the water heating system, stoves, radiators, pipe fittings and valves are installed, The installation cost is about yuan; The investment cost of installing the superconducting medium heating system is less than 800 yuan. Even if 2000 yuan is charged, the equipment manufacturing can make a profit of 1200 yuan. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Production cost: furnace steel plate 60 yuan, electricity 5 yuan, refractory 5 yuan, electrical welding materials 15 yuan, salary 100 yuan (including installation salary), a total of 185 yuan

2. Radiator cost: you can use all kinds of radiators available in the market, and you can also make wound fin fins. The market prices of radiators vary from place to place. Taking Beijing market as an example, each group of steel plate radiators is 80 yuan. 120 square meters (calculated according to three bedrooms and one living room) requires five groups, priced at 80 yuan 5 = 400 yuan. 5 one inch water pipes (6 meters/pipe), the price is 30 yuan/pipe, a total of 30 yuan 5 = 150 yuan

3. Superconducting medium: About 5kg, a total of 10 yuan. The total cost above: 150 + 400 + 185 + 10 = 745 yuan

4. Profit: the charge for one installation is 2000 yuan, and the profit is 2000 yuan - 745 yuan = 1255 yuan. The monthly net profit of 10 households can be 12550 yuan. It can be seen that the profit is very considerable. Take the opening of a hot gas installation shop as an example. As long as there are electric welding, hardware tools, special vacuum equipment (free of charge), and the new technology of superconducting medium heat transfer, the engineering operation of heating installation can be carried out. The profits exceed the general industry. The dust and other impurities in the electrical box should be cleaned before power on, so there is a bright future in this industry

the fourth generation vacuum free composite superconducting heating has obtained the national patent number (. 7)

the vacuum superconductor developed by the scientific researchers of our institute has been recognized and used by the world, but it must maintain a certain vacuum degree, and the pipes need to be welded. It is used for drying, home heating, small workshops, schools, making air conditioners and other effects are very ideal. If the home with perfect decoration or large-scale construction is very difficult to operate, first, the welding is inconvenient, second, the system is not well sealed for inspection, and any unqualified point will cause the whole system to be shut down for renovation. The entire community of tens of thousands of meters must not be used. Some individual units boast that tens of thousands of meters can also be installed, exclusive invention or the world's only, etc., which is absolutely impossible. It is a fraud, not to mention the leakage problem, That is, the general boiler can't hold superconducting medium. In order to solve the problem of large-scale installation, our institute has developed vacuum free composite heating. The system does not need to be evacuated. The original stoves and boilers can not be moved. During construction, wires and valves can be used, and buildings and bungalows can be installed and refitted. It can realize household and sectional cut-off heating, and is suitable for installation in any family or community. This technology is the latest invention patent holder in China. It improves the promotion rate of superconductor mining China in the field of waste plastic modified plastic materials, which is convenient and warm in the receiving industry due to the lack of market awareness of aerogel materials, and the success rate is 100% All visitors sign successful contracts, copies of patent certificates and promotion certificates

technology transfer in our college:

vacuum superconducting heat transfer is a high-tech achievement, but it is not difficult to master it. You can learn to install and produce it if you have a culture above junior high school. But now there are some intermediaries or individual companies with only a little knowledge in society who copy our data, imitate our samples, confuse fish with pearls, and also engage in technology transfer. Advertisements boast the invention of our company, even the invention of the world, which is purely fictitious. There are also counterfeits and invalid patent numbers marked with elimination, which cannot be completely mastered, let alone guide production. This is a comprehensive technology. We should not only master the advanced formula, but also the reasonable installation process and the installation quantity of media, otherwise it will cause consequences that cannot be ignored

according to China's economic and popular conditions and promotion situation, our hospital will strengthen the popularization this year, learning all the heating technologies of generation 1, 2, 3 and 4 for 3800 yuan, and successfully signing the agreement. People who come to learn board and lodging are free, and there are physical visits and experiments. Laid off workers, soldiers, teachers, poor farmers and disabled friends, with valid certificates, all series of production, installation and formula are guaranteed to be successful. If they get the exclusive regional buyout, they can negotiate

customer production advantages: all learners are provided free of charge

1. A vacuum machine 2. A system leak detector

3. The system saves a set of production instruments for this calibration value

4. Superconducting medium formula suitable for different regions

5 All processes of installation, modification and product production

6, 50 Jin of superconducting raw materials

7, technical training and promotion certificate

8, free board and lodging

welcome new and old customers across the country to upgrade their production. There are people to pick up and send them to Beijing. Food and accommodation are free, and solar stove production and solar heating technology are presented. (end)

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