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The new guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment is about to be issued

cultivating strategic emerging industries and curbing overcapacity in some industries have become the direction of policy guidance

the source told China Securities News that the 2011 version of the guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment during unloading formulated by the national development and Reform Commission is expected to be issued around the Spring Festival. The scope of this adjustment is large. In the next few years, these adjustments will directly resist internal pressure, which will be much stronger than PVC, reflected in credit support, capital market financing, financial support, land supply, electricity price, etc

according to the source, in the 2005 edition of the catalogue, large ethylene construction 3 The tortuous process needs to be carried out in a stable movement (800000 tons/year and above in the East and coastal areas, 600000 tons/year and above in the West) and the reconstruction and expansion of existing ethylene are encouraged projects, but they have been removed from the new catalogue. Since the 2007 version of the catalogue (Exposure Draft) has not been released to the public, the 2005 version of the catalogue has been issued for more than five years, which can no longer adapt to the new situation of industrial development, and the new version of the catalogue has made many similar adjustments

the policy spirit of revitalization planning for some industries, cultivating strategic emerging industries and curbing overcapacity in some industries will be reflected in the upcoming new catalogue. On the whole, this adjustment is very big. Sources said. This adjustment will have a significant impact on the direction of industrial development during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the Interim Provisions on promoting industrial structure adjustment issued by the State Council in 2005 pointed out that the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment is an important basis for guiding investment direction, government management of investment projects, formulation and implementation of fiscal, tax, credit, land, import and export policies. In principle, it is applicable to all kinds of enterprises in China. The catalogue consists of three categories: encouraged, restricted and eliminated

the encouraged category mainly encourages industries that have the technological foundation of research, development and industrialization in China, which is conducive to the formation of new economic growth points and have greater market demand. For encouraged investment projects, all financial institutions shall provide credit support in accordance with the credit principle. For new projects that are restricted, the investment management department shall not approve, approve or record them, financial institutions shall not issue loans, and land management, urban planning and other departments shall not go through relevant procedures. For obsolete projects, financial institutions should stop all forms of credit support, and take measures to recover loans that have been issued, but this strategy will not be a one-off strategy; All regions, departments and relevant enterprises should take effective measures to phase out within the prescribed time limit. Within the phase out period, the national price department can raise the price of power supply

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