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The latest version of Emerson AMS suite device management portfolio makes it easier to set up and manage smart wireless networks

Austin, Germany (June 12, 2008) -- Emerson Process Management announced that version 9.5 of the smart device management system in AMS suite device management portfolio can now be used to plan and manage wireless networks with variable scale to meet the growing demand of wireless solutions in the process automation market. AMS intelligent device management software 9.5 provides users with a general platform to manage wired and wireless instruments and valves. The setting of wireless devices is very simple. By dragging and pulling, it is easy to write connection instructions into wireless devices since the establishment of the China International Industrial Expo in 1999, which is more efficient and secure

the key to the successful application of wireless solutions is to plan based on best practices. With the latest AMS wireless snap-on software, users can plan, customize, display and manage Emerson's intelligent wireless network. Users do not have to go deep into the site to investigate, nor do they need to spend a lot of time drawing design drawings. They just need to upload the factory view to the software to start planning wireless networks. After the network diagram is completed, the communication path of the equipment is optimized by comparing with the best practices of the factory, so as to further confirm the network. Once the wireless network is installed, AMS wireless snap-on software will provide a complete network state diagram to maximize the reliability of the wireless network

"wireless is a new field in asset management," said Craig Llewellyn, President of Emerson asset optimization. "With our leading position in asset management and field equipment, coupled with our expert experience in service, we are helping our users realize wireless technology in the simplest, fastest and most effective way."

in addition to the new functions for intelligent wireless, AMS intelligent device management system 9.5 also includes MV engineering assistant snap-on software, which can be used for the setting and test calculation of Rosemount Hart or FF multi parameter instruments. The new version also adds alerttrack snap-on software, which enables users to view the health status of field equipment and the files of parameter energy saving changes, so as to judge whether the equipment has faults and what process areas need to be improved. Through this software, multiple equipment can be grouped and parameters can be set to enable these equipment to receive customized alarm information

Emerson provides PlantWeb services to help users integrate the daily maintenance process. Zhang Xin said: in January this year, AMS equipment management system will be installed and implemented, and help users realize the integration of workflow and enterprise asset management system. PlantWeb services can formulate optimized maintenance work flow and effectively save costs through predictive diagnosis

about Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management () is part of Emerson's business and is a leader in the automation fields of chemical industry, oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, power, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Asset optimization is the Department of Emerson Process Management. It is committed to improving the performance of production equipment, thereby improving plant revenue, and is in a leading position in this field. Around the world, Emerson provides high-quality products and technologies, consulting, project management and maintenance services for specific industrial industries, in which the asset optimization department plays an important role. Emerson Process Management Company's brands include: PlantWeb, machine health, AMS suite, CSI, Fisher, micro motion, Rosemount, mobrey, Bristol, Daniel, DeltaV, and ovation

about Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, USA, is an industry-leading Global company that combines technology and Engineering in network energy, process management, industrial automation Provide innovative solutions for customers in the fields of environmental optimization technology, household appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal 2007 amounted to $22.6 billion. For further information, please visit www.7. Stress control speed: 1 (4) 5mpa/

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