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Yokogawa Electric Corporation released the latest version of SCADA system

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that the new version of network-based SCADA system fast/toolsr9.04 was released. This process management software based on an independent platform is the result of Yokogawa Electric's continuous innovation in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries for more than 30 years. It is trusted by users around the world who are committed to improving industrial automation, and has set the standard of excellent operation

the network-based SCADA system fast/tools can carry out remote engineering and maintenance through secure network-based services, realize the allocation and implementation management of process applications, and thus improve the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and return on assets (ROA)

development background

remote plant management (RPM) effectively reduces operating costs and improves information sharing and exchange. Through the decision support and cooperation center, data from various information sources can be accessed and shared globally, which has become the backbone of Shandong new material industry, so as to ensure continuous application development and management. Many new functions in the new version of fast/toolsscada system help to easily realize the above services. By continuously accessing the process and maintenance information of all data sources, the turnaround time can be effectively reduced without the need for paper document exchange, thereby improving efficiency

main features

operation recording and playback

the new version can record HMI display in real time. Like the flight recorder, it can synchronously playback the pictures with alarms and events, as well as process and trend data, including all mouse clicks and corresponding keyboard strokes. The video data recorded with pacxpert technology taking root in China can be used for cause and result analysis, operator training and simulation to improve the overall safety and reliability, and contribute to the correction and improvement of routine operations. Based on the resume management and diagnosis functions, the performance of the software has been greatly improved

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e-mail notification and alarm report

in addition to the standard alarm management function conforming to eemua191 standard, this software can also send alarm notification information to designated users by email. Using this notification function, you can easily define the time, location, and recipient of the alarm notification. Now, the alarm management function can also output alarms and event notifications in the form of MS Excel for alarm analysis

advanced trend performance

fast/tools integrated trend performance has been expanded, whether the signal can be displayed or not. Moreover, through automatic or manual data backfilling, the recovered data can be displayed, and the operator can confirm the integrity of the trend signal at a glance. The rectangular coordinate curve graph is also added to the trend graph library, which can display important process characteristic curves in the two-dimensional view

ff fieldbus panel library

rich panel symbols are installed in the number library on the swing frame, and the FF Fieldbus panel is added, which can be used in combination with Yokogawa motor stardom (fcn/fcj) autonomous controller, and the flexibility of distributed application is greatly improved. According to the function block type of the controller, the panel will be automatically assigned to the corresponding control logic and called by the system environment at any time. In this way, seamless integration with FF fieldbus device information and data can be achieved, creating a new standard for operation optimization

main target markets

upstream/midstream of oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, renewable energy, electric power, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food processing, steel, water treatment and other industries


remote processes, asset management, data collection and storage in widely distributed applications

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