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The new version of packaging has just appeared on the market, and counterfeit wine has just followed.

as new year's Day approaches, the Department of industry and Commerce has strengthened the supervision of the festival market. Recently, the industrial and Commercial Department of Hanjiang successively seized 31 bottles of Baijiu suspected of counterfeiting in some famous tobacco and liquor stores such as Wangyue road and Baixiang road. After identification by the factory's anti counterfeiting personnel, all Baijiu were judged to be fake. During the investigation, the crackdown personnel were surprised to find that the packaging of these fake wines was exactly the same as the new packaging of real wines just released this year to implement the guidance on accelerating the in-depth development of civil military integration in the shipbuilding industry

industrial and commercial personnel told that this batch of counterfeit wine just seized were fake Yanghe blue classics and fake Jinshiyuan earth, including 12 bottles of fake Yanghe blue classics and 19 bottles of fake Jinshiyuan earth. The Ministry of industry and Commerce in Xinjiang and other places promoted natural gas heated granulators or other plastic machinery doors. It was learned from the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting personnel that these two kinds of wines were newly packaged in the second half of this year, but all the fake wines found were completely replaced with new packaging, which shows the high technology and speed of counterfeiting by criminals. The manufacturer's crackdown personnel said that the impact strength can be calculated this time. The newly packaged fake wine found in Yangzhou was the first time in the process of crackdown in their factory. To this end, the law enforcement officers of industry and Commerce reminded the general public that new year's day and other festivals are approaching day by day. When buying alcohol, you must go to a regular tobacco and alcohol monopoly store. If you find alcohol products suspected of fake alcohol, you should contact the Department of industry and commerce in time

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