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Wind River's new version of hypervisor expands embedded virtualization support

Wind River, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, recently released the latest version 1.2 of Wind River hypervisor. This set of real-time embedded hypervisor specially designed for virtualization applications provides application support capabilities for Freescale qoriq P2/P4 series platforms and Intel Xeon 5600 series processors. In addition, Fenghe also plans to increase the support capacity for arm multi-core processors next year to further expand the hardware support range of Wind River hypervisor

wind River hypervisor 1.2, together with the latest version of the operating system and development tools, forms a very wide range of multi-core software lineup of Fenghe company, including the operating system and tool suite specially optimized for the needs of multi-core hardware, as well as the embedded virtualization platform with excellent scalability and comprehensive adaptability to the hardware architecture of single core and multi-core processors. The Wind River hypervisor has not only been optimized for the latest version of VxWorks, Wind River Linux, Wind River workbench and Wind River test management test management tools, but also can be seamlessly integrated with all products of Fenghe

mark hermeling, product manager of Fenghe embedded virtualization platform, said: the use of multi-core and embedded virtualization technology enables the development team to continue to use the original software through downward compatible commercial off the shelf products (COTS) and open source code, while obtaining the stability of the system platform and the reliability of 10 power supply voltage (must have reliable grounding measures) ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz. Observing the evolution of the embedded market, we have found that the demand for virtualization technology is growing rapidly in advantageous areas. In order to adapt to this trend, we are actively strengthening the relevant technologies of the Wind River hypervisor, and through our close partnership with the embedded industrial ecosystem, we are constantly accelerating the pace of innovation and further improving the support capacity for various types of industries

the features and advantages of the latest version of Wind River hypervisor include:

it can support Freescale e500mc core and qoriq p4080 processor. The Wind River hypervisor takes full advantage of the virtualization support provided by the processor core, multiple memory buses, and data path acceleration architecture

the guest operating system without any modification can be executed on the Freescale e500mc kernel or Intel processor (guest o, he said s), thereby reducing the cost of merging and integrating with existing system platforms

the device management layer with sufficient flexibility can make fine tuning control for device access and sharing operations, so as to provide the best flexibility while achieving the highest performance; In addition, the built-in software upgrade capability allows customers to easily update the operating system running inside the virtual machine

wind River hypervisor can provide key real-time and embedded core advantages, such as high performance, smaller space occupation, better certainty, lower latency and higher reliability, and can apply these core advantages to various mainstream embedded hardware architectures. Moreover, the excellent flexibility can not only be applied to small low-power processors in industrial equipment or consumer electronic products, but also be used to drive multi-core processors used in large switches in network communication systems

at present, more and more manufacturers hope to take advantage of the advantages of multi-core processors and embedded virtualization technology, but the first difficulty they encounter is to introduce multi-core technology into the current product line; In view of this, Wind River professional services integrates the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in the field of embedded and multi-core technology, which can help customers make correct decisions, select the most appropriate multi-core architecture and smoothly introduce it into the original product line, and lead customers to create their own multi-core solution import package (wind River multi-core option package); This service of Fenghe provides customers with a robust and reliable way to multi-core technology, It includes the multi-core platform architecture study and the multi-core platform import service (the multi-core platform implementatt has the state of only interrupting the movement of the 10 prefix and the state of continuing to add a certain amount of experimental force to make the 10 prefix move slightly ([experimental force persistence]) and other ion services) for consultation and reference

the new version of Wind River hypervisor 1.2 and the Wind River multi-core option package are currently available

for more detailed product information about Wind River hypervisor, please browse the introduction on the official website:

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Wind River company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC) and a leading embedded and mobile software provider in the world. Since 1981, Fenghe company has been the pioneer of computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 500million products have applied the technical achievements of Fenghe company. Headquartered in Alameda, California, USA, wind river has branches in 15 countries around the world. For more information about Fenghe, please visit or

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