The latest UV curable conductive silver paste and

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New UV curable conductive silver paste and ink

the conductive silver paste and ink prepared by the most advanced green and environment-friendly non volatile solvent proportioning method and UV UV curable process are dried at room temperature and formed at one time, which is different from the traditional electronic ink and conductive paste, which completely rely on high-temperature baking and baking. Compared with the same function that must be fully dried in the current market, the product is more efficient, faster, more energy-saving More environmentally friendly, simpler and convenient process operation and better performance parameters. Futures: Coke 1601 narrow amplitude oscillation can be printed on electronic circuit boards, membrane switches, radio frequency smart tags (RFID), solar cells, silicon wafers, metals, plastics and other materials by printing. The team members have more than 15 years of experience in studying in the United States and working in large technology companies, and have successfully completed the transformation of many projects. Their products occupy a certain share in the U.S. and Chinese markets

the project plans to raise 30million yuan in three years. When it is completed, it can reach the scale of annual output value of 200million yuan, and the return on investment can reach 50%. Most builders believe that more than% can be calculated in detail, and the experimental speed can further meet the situation that such products are in short supply in the domestic and foreign markets

achievement application field: microelectronic component manufacturing, circuit board, chip binding

cooperation mode: technology transfer, financing 30million

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