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It is understood that not long ago, Shanxi Province issued the implementation plan for promoting the coordinated development of coal and power enterprises in Shanxi Province (hereinafter referred to as the plan). According to the plan, by 2015, all thermal power enterprises of the provincial dispatching will realize the long-term cooperative contract management of power and coal, and some thermal power enterprises and coal enterprises will realize the coal and electricity joint venture with equity as the link

with the continuous development of alternative energy and the decline of energy consumption intensity driven by economic restructuring, the growth of coal demand may slow down, and even gradually enter a stable period, and the coal price is unlikely to soar as in previous years. At this time, the market position of coal enterprises will inevitably be weakened compared with that before, and more active contact with users is needed to find a market for products. In this case, in order to provide a stable market for coal products and ensure the smooth progress of production, the enthusiasm of coal enterprises to carry out coal power joint ventures, led by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, will inevitably be improved. For thermal power enterprises, although the future market-oriented reform of electricity price is bound to be promoted, ensuring the stable supply of coal and the stable cost of power generation is also an important means to ensure the stability of enterprise profits. Therefore, thermal power enterprises also have the enthusiasm of coal-fired power joint venture. The plastic materials of Shanxi provincial government can be divided into two categories: 1) the "plan" issued by the government of thermoplastic materials is more of a guiding significance, indicating that the government supports the strengthening of cooperation between coal enterprises and power enterprises, the joint operation of coal and electricity, and the signing of long-term cooperation contracts for coal and electricity. It should be noted that coal is the pillar industry of Shanxi, and it is reasonable to introduce this "plan". Coal power pool is not a panacea. It should be noted that the "dual track system" price is the root of the contradiction, and we should make an issue from the price system. In the case of changes in the coal market, coupled with the active guidance of the government, it is reasonable to believe that coal and electricity pooling can be further promoted, and the coal and electricity sides should and can strengthen the long-term cooperation between the two sides with a more rational attitude

in the process of coal power joint venture, the way of cooperation between coal and power enterprises should depend on the enterprise itself, and the government should not intervene too much. Due to the different market consciousness of different enterprises, some enterprises may face the problem of low participation enthusiasm in the initial stage of promoting coal power joint venture. In this case, the government had better not force it through administrative orders, so that coal power joint venture and coal power integration become the completely voluntary behavior of both coal and power enterprises. In addition, during the implementation of the long-term agreement at the initial stage of coal and electricity integration, some enterprises may default. At this time, the government should be a good referee, increase the punishment of the defaulters, and maintain the market order

the precautions and operating procedures of the sand slurry tensile testing machine that should be used in coal power joint venture or coal power integration are a business strategy of the enterprise. Engineering polymer giant DuPont has improved the performance of its bio based and traditional nylon 6/10 resin, which can reduce the business risks of both enterprises to a certain extent. For example, the current coal demand is weak and the market is depressed, but those coal enterprises that engage in coal power joint ventures at least don't have to worry too much about product sales. Over time, some of the coal production capacity that has no market is likely to be eliminated. However, the risk of enterprises that engage in coal power joint ventures being eliminated is much smaller. As for the decline of coal price, it is largely because the price rose too much in the early stage, and it is normal for the price to return to rationality. Coal power pool or coal power integration cannot protect the high price of coal enterprises, but only the reasonable market price that can ensure that both coal and power companies can obtain normal profits

it should be noted that in some cases, coal and electricity pooling will alleviate the contradiction between coal and electricity to a certain extent, but it can not completely solve the contradiction between coal and electricity, and the government cannot cover up the institutional contradiction between coal and electricity by promoting coal and electricity pooling or coal and electricity integration. Coal power pool and coal power integration are both market behaviors, which cannot solve the institutional "double track system" problem. While promoting coal power pool, we should also pay attention to accelerating the reform of power system. Otherwise, even if coal enterprises and power enterprises have all realized joint operation or integration, the contradiction between coal and power will continue to exist in the future

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