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The key annual dividend of the power reform is expected to be further released as it enters the in-depth promotion.

last year, the user's electricity expenditure was reduced by more than 70billion yuan; The market trading electricity is 1.2 trillion kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 49.6%, accounting for 31.2% of the electricity sold; Incremental power distribution strives to complete and put into operation three berths of more than 50000 tons in the first half of this year, and the reform pilot is fully rolled out, and mixed ownership companies are put into operation. This is the report card of 2017's power system reform announced at the recent press conference of State Grid Corporation of China. 2018 is a key year for the in-depth promotion of power reform, and the reform dividend is expected to be further released

according to the economic information daily, recently, many places are organizing the declaration of the third batch of incremental distribution reform pilot projects, and it is required to achieve full coverage of cities above the prefecture level nationwide this year. At the same time, the verification of trans provincial and trans regional electricity transmission prices has also started

wangyanfang, a full-time spokesman of the State Grid Corporation of China, revealed that the reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices will fully cover the company's electricity assets at all levels in 2018. At the same time, in accordance with the "unified market, two-level operation" model, we will deepen the construction of the national unified electricity market, promote the establishment of a standardized provincial medium and long-term trading mechanism, cooperate with the pilot construction of the spot market, realize the effective connection with inter provincial, medium and long-term transactions, and effectively break down inter provincial barriers. In addition, we will implement the quota system for clean energy and explore market-based mechanisms to promote the consumption of clean energy

2017 is an important year for the implementation of power system reform policies. As the largest power enterprise in China, within the business scope of the state-owned company, all provincial power transmission and distribution prices except Tibet have been approved, and a scientific formation mechanism for provincial power transmission and distribution prices has been preliminarily established

"the reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices has achieved phased results and effectively released the reform dividend." Wang Yanfang said that through measures such as the reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices, the abolition of urban utility surcharges, and the repayment of electricity prices by electric railways, Chinese companies reduced users' electricity expenses by more than 70billion yuan in 2017. Organizing the production and use of new materials will effectively reduce the energy cost of the real economy

on this basis, the marketization of power trading has also made progress. It is understood that only in 2017 can it win the favor of the international market. Within the business scope of State Grid, all 27 provincial power trading centers have achieved corporatization and relatively independent operation. The two-level trading platforms have realized regular opening and coordinated operation, and the trading varieties have continued to innovate. It initiated the establishment of the National Alliance of power trading institutions, built an important platform for exchange, cooperation and information sharing among national trading institutions, and 18 provinces completed the establishment of market management committees or the approval of plans

Another highlight of the power reform is the incremental distribution reform. According to the economic information daily, up to now, the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration have approved two batches of 194 incremental distribution business reform pilots

the structural reform office of the State Grid Corporation of China 4.1 lime should comply with the relevant provisions of jc/t 621. Huang liming, director of the division, said that 150 pilot projects had been approved within the company's business scope, covering 109 cities. So far, among the first batch of pilot projects, the company has signed 37 cooperation agreements with relevant parties and introduced 36 private capital

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