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Sinopec and BASF Nanjing joint venture chemical expansion project approved

pressurization speed: high pressure 170 ± 10ml/min the Chinese government approved the expansion project of Sinopec and BASF's joint venture chemical production base in Nanjing

this project has a joint investment of 1.4 billion US dollars, The expansion project will start operation in 2011

the Chinese government approved the joint feasibility study report submitted by Sinopec and BASF on July 1, 2009 on the expansion of its joint venture, Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd., located in Nanjing

Sinopec and BASF will jointly invest about US $1.4 billion and adopt advanced technology to produce downstream special chemicals for the Chinese market. These chemicals will mainly serve the construction, electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive and chemical manufacturing industries

this investment includes expanding the capacity of the existing steam cracking unit, building 10 new chemical units and expanding 3 sets. Now, there is one device to reduce the speed and improve the torque of the output shaft. By expanding the range of products and giving full play to the advantages of integration, the market competitiveness of the joint venture company will be improved

Wang Tianpu, President of Sinopec, said, "the expansion project is in line with the revitalization plan of Sinopec industry. It will improve the integration of Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd., expand the range of downstream products of Nanjing production base, meet the growing demand in East China, promote the upgrading of Sinopec industry, and make the joint venture one of the most competitive production bases of Sinopec Group."

Dr. Bo mule, member of BASF's executive board in charge of Asia Pacific business, said: "The four-year successful operation of the joint venture shows that close cooperation is in the interests of both parties. The expansion of Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. shows our confidence in the development of the Chinese market. This investment project is another milestone in our cooperation and development, reflects BASF's long-term commitment to China, and will further enhance our competitive advantage. The products produced by these devices will help us in China Our customers make their industry, their business and the development process from imitation to self renovation more energy-saving and environmental friendly. "

the scope of the project finally approved includes:

expanding the existing steam cracking unit, with an annual ethylene output of 740000 tons

developing the value chain of integrated ethylene oxide (EO) derivatives, including:

expanding the existing ethylene oxide unit and building a new refined ethylene oxide unit

developing ethylene oxide derivatives, including building a new ethylene glycol butyl ether unit and a non-ionic surfactant unit, A set of alcohol amine combined plant is used to produce ethanolamine, vinyl amine and dimethylethanolamine, as well as a new dma3 plant

expand the acrylate value chain, a new set of super absorbent SAP plant

expand the existing propionic acid and propionaldehyde plant

expand the existing butanol octanol carbon 4 plant

build a set of integrated carbon 4 combined plant, including a butadiene extraction plant, a 2-propylheptanol (2-ph) plant A set of isobutene extraction unit and a set of high activity polyisobutene unit

the design work of the expansion project has been carried out in an all-round way. At the same time, the conventional cracking unit overhaul implemented in 2010 is used to connect the expansion project with the existing unit. The expanded and newly-built units will be started step by step, and the whole expansion project will be put into operation in 2011

the two companies also agreed to merge another joint venture of the two sides, Yangzi BASF, into Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. since 2007, in order to improve efficiency and give full play to synergies. Yangzi BASF styrene series Co., Ltd. produces styrene monomer, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene

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