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At present, China's printing enterprises occupy 100% of the domestic market, and foreign printing enterprises can rarely take orders from China. Therefore, for the whole industry, the domestic market is not a problem of expansion, but the whole economic development. The size of the printing market is basically determined by the printing needs of the whole society, not by printing itself. The good printing products we choose will play an optimizing role in the domestic market

but in the foreign market, in recent years, China's foreign trade processing volume has been increasing. In 2007, the foreign trade processing was 41.5 billion yuan, accounting for almost 9% of the total printing volume, and there is a trend of expansion. Although foreign trade processing has developed rapidly, from the perspective of international market share, our enterprises still have little participation in overseas markets. How can our printing attract more foreign orders? Therefore, the China printing and equipment industry association specially opened the China printing products exhibition and Trade Fair at the 7th Beijing international printing technology exhibition to promote our products to foreign users

there are many problems in the field of Foreign Print users, and there are still difficulties in expanding overseas markets

on the one hand, printing varieties are complex, involving all walks of life. The problem is that China's market economy is not developed enough. China's printing products need manufacturers, such as cigarette factories, pastry factories and so on. In recent years, they all find their own printing plants, but this is not the case in countries with developed market economy. For example, there is an association of print buyers in the United States, whose members are large companies and enterprises. In fact, this organization is more like a large company, which serves print manufacturers. It first collected a number of printing units in the "1035" period, and then found suitable printing enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets to produce printing materials. In this case, this need cannot be fulfilled by a single printing manufacturer

therefore, relatively speaking, the economic development of the printing industry is not the development of a manufacturer, but an economic zone, which needs the support of an economic region or a base. In this area or base, this problem can be solved. Out of this area, a single manufacturer cannot solve it. The printing industry in Guangdong is developing in this direction. Manufacturers receive a larger external job, which is not done by themselves, but by contacting a number of printing enterprises. Regional cooperation is crucial to the development of enterprises. Our association also contacted the American Association of print buyers, who agreed to participate in the graphene film now produced to see some printing manufacturers in China

on the other hand, after expanding the market, we should also pay attention to how enterprises can correctly protect their own interests. Due to the wide range of printing business and our underdeveloped market economy, there may be phenomena of killing each other, competing for each other, and pressing down on each other's prices in the market, which will be very detrimental to the development of China's printing industry. Therefore, the main problem after expanding the market is how to avoid cannibalism, but there is no good way to solve this problem at present. According to the latest requirements of global regulators and technical specifications including TNO 4027/75, FDA 21 CFR 1772510 and nsf/ansi 61, the association is to represent the common interests of Chinese manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers should recognize the situation and pay attention to avoiding affecting the whole market situation because of going it alone. Enterprises should not lose industry ethics for a little immediate benefit

now, the more favorable situation for Indian enterprises to expand the market is that foreign trade processing is not included in the scope of export, and the State encourages foreign trade processing. We know that there are still many problems in expanding the market, which can not be solved by the strength of a certain party. Some problems need the cooperation of the state, the government and other aspects

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