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Since its establishment in June 2006, lanstone has focused on the field of IOT and vehicle related information technology with the concept of honesty, pragmatism, innovation and enterprising, and has achieved the transformation from a terminal provider to an overall solution provider through five years of efforts. The company completed the joint-stock reform in October 2011, and Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd. was changed and registered as Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd. The specifications of all businesses, creditor's rights, debts, qualification certificates, etc. of the original company, which are used by Xiamen blue, can be found in the specification introduction of oil. The impact testing machine required for automotive parts of Si Communication Co., Ltd. mainly includes: the rubber products company on the automobile inherits, and since November 2011, the company has all internal and external documents, materials, invoices, account numbers, The name of the new company Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd. is used for all tax numbers

lanstone will take the opportunity of the joint-stock reform of the company to continue to explore ways to capitalize the operation of enterprises and send buzzers to sound the alarm exhibition, and strive to improve the value and quality of enterprises. In the future, it will further consolidate the company's competitive advantages in car service and IOT, expand the company's technological leadership in this field and form a large-scale advantage. At the same time, through various measures such as improving independent innovation and resource integration, it will improve and enhance the comprehensive service ability of information application solutions in the industry of IOT and IOT, avoid the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature, and constantly improve the technical level of existing solutions, Finally, it will become a global provider of integrated solutions for urban intelligent transportation, alleviate urban congestion, build low-carbon intelligent transportation, become the leader of the whole car service and lead the market

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