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The key part of the realization of portable blood analyzer is actually it

this is a testing instrument that has been widely used not only in foreign countries, but also in hospitals at all levels in China. Not to mention that you may not know, in the earliest days, simple blood analysis relied on a microscope and was measured manually. It brings many disadvantages, such as less counting parameters, more human errors, and high labor intensity. Nowadays, people who have been to the hospital know that blood analysis is carried out by machines. Nowadays, blood analyzers not only improve the accuracy of experimental results, but also provide many experimental indicators, which play an important role in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases

with the progress of technology, all kinds of instruments are developing towards portability and intelligence. What you may not know is that in the portable intelligent blood analyzer that provides services for you, the core part of various data processing applications may use the mini8600b provided by Shenzhen yingbeite Technology Co., Ltd

mini8600b is an arm core board launched by inbette based on Ti cortex-a8 am3358 processor, which is compatible with am335x series processors. The core board is small in size, with 512mbyte DDR3 SDRAM and 512mbyte nandflash on board. Through two 2*40pin test materials, the situation will occur in the natural environment. The traditional experimental method is to export almost all the internal interfaces of the am335x processor through the board to board connector, which can not speed up the time, so that customers can design the product function backplane or interface board more quickly. It is mainly used in portable navigation system, digital video set-top box, portable education/game equipment, industrial automation, building automation, man-machine interface, teaching/medical equipment and other fields

based on the characteristics of the mini8600b, the mini8600b is very suitable for medical devices or human-computer interaction devices. It has been proved that many mini8600b customers use this core board for their own high-end medical instruments. This paper presents the implementation of a portable blood analyzer based on mini8600b

if the signal is 16V, the maximum current actually provided by this gear is 30/16=1.875a

in this design scheme, because there are many peripherals involved and it is the scheme of the whole machine, it is realized in the form of peripherals +mini8600b baseboard + core board mini8600b

the implementation of the scheme can be briefly shown in the following figure:

it can be seen from the above figure that the scheme of portable blood analyzer is mainly realized through the following aspects:

1 Data acquisition and detection: the modular sensor interface design can meet a variety of detection needs

as a member of the medical instrument family, the unique sensor interface design of the core control integration module mini8600b of the portable blood analyzer can be said to be the most important difference between it and ordinary machines. How to solve the excessive noise of the printer high and low temperature test chamber of the portable ritual blood analyzer and how to connect the circuit with the sensor part designed as a separate module. RS485 is used to communicate with the host, and the sensor circuit is separately modular, which is mainly for the general design of later projects. For medical equipment, it is highly professional, and a machine can only achieve a single detection function. Now the mini8600b adopts modular peripheral circuits. For machines with different functions, it only needs to design different sensor modules and then different firmware, which can greatly reduce the design and development cycle. In mass production, this way of directly using mini8600b + backplane + function integration module belongs to the first generation; The second generation alloy is newly invented by Alcoa, which will also help to reduce production costs and shorten production cycles, and strengthen manufacturers' control over supply chain and production costs

2. Data transfer and storage: realized through universal USB interface

after the portable blood analyzer completes the data collection, it needs to use the data transfer function, and this work will be completed by the USB interface. As a general interface function, USB interface is now the standard configuration of most devices. To this end, the mini8600b backplane is integrated with an SMSC USB HUB chip, which integrates power management functions and can add functions to the USB peripherals of the mini8600b backplane. USB interface is mainly used for data transfer function. Of course, in the later stage, new functional features can be added to the device through modules

3. Human computer interaction: it is realized by connecting the LCD drive pin function interface on the mini8600b with the external touch screen

in addition to using USB as the input and output interface, due to the high requirements of human-computer interaction function of medical instruments, this scheme adopts all LCD drive pin functions of mini8600b, which can display test data on the display screen, and users can operate through touch screen or mouse and other computer interaction tools

4. Audio input and output: intelligent voice broadcasting system

another important function is the input and output function of voice. The backplane retains an audio function, which is mainly responsible for audio input and output. The audio output function is relatively simple. It is mainly used to play ordinary prompt sound after simple sound amplification through an operational amplifier. What retains strong scalability is the audio input function. At present, the voice assistant function of each company has been very perfect. Not long ago, Amazon just announced the open source plan of Alexa voice assistant, plus the voice assistants of Google, apple and other companies. The reserved audio input function brings more and more convenient operations to human-computer interaction

5. Network transmission: it can connect with the medical system and the manufacturer's later technical support

in addition to some interfaces and peripherals mentioned above, IOT is an essential function for this year when IOT is in the ascendant. Therefore, in terms of network functions, the mini8600 backplane adopts the multi-functional combination of wired Gigabit +wifi wireless network +3g IOT. The function of networking maximizes the scope and scenario of the instrument. For manufacturers, through the link function, they can push firmware updates from the background, or upload debugging information from the background. Especially for machines exported to foreign countries, background update and uploading debugging information can allow manufacturers to update machines remotely and guide fault recovery remotely, which is of great significance for manufacturers' later technical support. For users, the addition of network function can connect the machine to the hospital, connect the printer, doctor's computer and other devices to a local area, transmit the test results to the doctor's computer in real time, and even upload the data to the cloud, so as to realize data sharing between hospitals and patients' independent query results. Eliminate the waiting time of patients and shorten the length of medical treatment. It is of great significance for patients' medical experience or hospital management

6. High energy efficiency: scientific power management design, saving power and energy

this scheme introduces a single-chip microcomputer for power management control and power self switching function. The self switching function of the battery can automatically switch between the battery and DC power supply. When there is no external DC power supply, it is powered by battery; When the DC power supply is inserted, it will automatically switch to DC power supply to save battery loss. At the same time, the single chip microcomputer can detect whether it is battery power supply or DC power supply. The single chip microcomputer adopts stm8l151c8t6tr with low power consumption, which is responsible for the power management and power detection function of the product in the shutdown state. At the same time, stm8l151c8t6tr manages the power supply and reset power on timing of the whole backplane and core board, and monitors each level to upload each state to the CPU through the communication bus

so far, the scheme has completed the design of a portable medical device

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