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Major breakthrough in Anhui's prospecting achievements Huainan newly explored 4.847 billion tons of coal yesterday, it was learned from the Provincial Department of land and resources that the Anhui Geological Prospecting Fund Project "detailed survey of coal around Panji coal mine in Huainan coalfield" undertaken by the exploration and Research Institute of Anhui Coalfield Geology Bureau officially passed the review. The detailed survey of coal around Panji coal mine in Huainan coalfield yielded a total of 4.847 billion tons of coal resources, and achieved significant prospecting results

it is reported that the detailed survey of peripheral coal in Panji coal mine of Huainan coalfield is a key coal exploration project in Anhui Province, and the "358" prospecting breakthrough war, which automatically improves from its integrated level; When the speed drops below 70km/h, it is the core project of the coal target task. The project has completed various geological tasks through comprehensive exploration methods, and has explored a total of 4.847 billion tons of coal resources, and achieved major prospecting results. It is of great significance to ensure the strategic reserve of coal resources in the Huaihe and Huaihe rivers and promote the economic and social development of the eastern region

comprehensive evaluation report on coalbed methane and shale gas exploration and CO production in deep areas around Panji, Huainan coalfield is a public welfare project in Anhui Province. The project takes the lead in carrying out comprehensive exploration of coalbed methane, shale gas and other beneficial minerals in Huainan coalfield, through the implementation of Lianghuai coalfield (0.15m) 1 in the peripheral areas of Panji; Panqi well 1 (2003 m), the first and deepest comprehensive investigation and evaluation well of "coal measures natural gas", has identified the favorable reservoir combination type of coal measures natural gas (coalbed gas and shale gas) in Huainan coalfield for the first time, and obtained a total of 97.937 billion cubic meters of coal measures natural gas geological resources

experts suggest that the early realization of the commercial development of the comprehensive utilization of coal measures natural gas based on "coal measures", based on "Huaihe River and Huaihe River", based on "joint exploration, CO mining and collaborative development" will not only drive the exploration and development of green and clean energy in Anhui Province, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, but also have important guiding significance for the breakthrough of unconventional natural gas exploration and development in East China

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