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The major media "supported" the international polyurethane Summit Forum

2008. The second international polyurethane Summit Forum will be held in Shanghai on September 1 and 2, 2008

the preparatory group of the conference disclosed to us that the event was supported by Alibaba, HC plastics, HC coatings, CHEMCHINA, China coatings, Shiyi chemical, Jung trade, China polymers, Suzhou Guohua Industrial Expo, China Chemical Market Center, China chemical industry news, polyurethane, China Chemical Information Weekly, international plastic materials business information, Japan chemical industry society, Europe pie, India plastemart With the strong support of many domestic and foreign media, such as German plastics, British Plastics and rubber, and European polymer alliance, these media institutions were invited to become partners of the event

the preparatory group of the conference also indicated that there were pulleys at both ends of the movable gripper seat. At present, the number of participants is still under further statistics. At the same time, the conference also attracted many foreign friends to attend

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