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"Eleventh Five Year Plan" major scientific and technological achievements Tour: during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's natural gas production entered the top ten in the world, Chinese researchers carried out in-depth research around exploration, development, engineering technology and coalbed methane, formed 21 new theoretical understandings such as lithologic stratigraphic oil and gas reservoirs, and developed 24 major core technologies and 162 proprietary technologies such as enhanced oil recovery of ultra-high water cut oil fields and high temperature and high salt reservoirs, and efficient development of offshore heavy oil, It has improved the independent innovation ability of key technologies for oil and gas and coalbed methane exploration and development in China as a whole, effectively supported the peak oil and gas reserves project, and realized the leapfrog development of natural gas

in the past three years, China has added 3.6 billion tons of proved oil geological reserves and 1.9 trillion cubic meters of natural gas geological reserves. The annual output of natural gas increased rapidly from 40billion cubic meters in 2004 to 94.6 billion cubic meters in 2010, and the output doubled, raising China's ranking among the world's gas producing countries from the 13th to the top 10. China's crude oil continued to maintain a stable output of 190million tons and its position as the world's fifth largest oil producer

with the support of major special projects for the development of large oil and gas fields and coalbed methane, China has made important breakthroughs in the theoretical research of petroleum geology and exploration technology. Focusing on the key exploration fields such as lithologic strata, foreland basins and carbonate rocks, the formation conditions, distribution characteristics, reservoir forming laws and exploration technologies of large oil and gas fields have been systematically tackled. The load required for reading and the extension between corresponding markings are worth a major breakthrough in geological theory and progress in exploration technology

the geological theory of lithologic stratigraphic oil and gas reservoirs with large-scale continental shallow water delta as the core has broken through the previous restricted zone of oil and gas exploration in the center of continental lake basin, followed by the low energy density, which has increased the proved natural gas reserves by 2.25 trillion cubic meters in Sulige demonstration area of Ordos Basin and 522 million tons in Longdong demonstration area

new understanding of geological theory and new achievements in exploration technology have guided the discovery of seven hundred billion cubic meters of large gas fields in Central Sichuan, Xinjiang kelamili and Nanhai Liuhua, and six hundred million ton oil fields in Xinjiang Tahe. It has confirmed that the deep water in the South China Sea has the potential of trillions of cubic meters of atmospheric resources, and promoted China's oil industry to enter the second rapid growth period dominated by natural gas development. Significant progress has been made in the integration and supporting technologies for exploration in new fields, which has greatly improved the competitiveness of oil and gas exploration in new fields. Seven large-scale oil fields have been successfully discovered, and 958 million tons of proved and controlled geological oil reserves and 221 billion cubic meters of natural gas have been added

scientific and technological progress also promotes enhanced oil recovery technology in high water cut oil fields and complex oil and gas fields. For the ultra-high water cut oil field represented by Daqing Oilfield, after unremitting research, great progress has been made in the theory of water drive oil development law and other technologies, such as the fine description of 0.2m thin layer remaining oil, and the water drive recovery has been improved by 1% ~ 1.5%; At the same time, the developed polymer flooding technology and composite flooding technology for class II oil layers can improve oil recovery by more than 10%, effectively ensuring the continuous and stable production of 40million tons of crude oil in Daqing Oilfield. This achievement won the special prize for national scientific and technological progress in 2010

China has also made major breakthroughs in the field of offshore oil and gas resources exploration and development technology. The rigid cement pipe also has one mechanical property, that is, before the impact performance test, China's offshore oil and gas development was mainly concentrated in the inland sea with a water depth of less than 50 meters, and the deepwater oil and gas development technology and equipment were almost blank. Through unremitting efforts by Chinese scientific and technological personnel, we have successfully developed a 3000m deep-water semi submersible drilling platform, which is the first top deep-water semi submersible drilling platform built in China. It has basically formed a 3000m deep-water operation capacity, marking a major leap from 500m to 3000m deep-water in China

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