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Malaysian plastic household goods enterprises settled in Yiwu yesterday, Yiwu Import Commodities Museum welcomed new members. The Malaysian elianware, which is 100% imported from Malaysia and is mainly engaged in 5, power supply and plastic household products, has opened and officially opened

it is understood that elianware is a Malaysian plastic product enterprise with a history of 22 years. It mainly focuses on the series of plastic household products and has more than 1400 original products. Its products are sold in 25 countries around the world. It is green, safe, non-toxic, not easy to deform, and supports microwave heating. It is the first brand of plastic household products in Malaysia

this time, yilianhui introduced nearly 400 new products for different target groups, including water bottles, water cups, drinking machines, sundry storage boxes, sealed cans, microwave fresh-keeping boxes, food fresh-keeping boxes, plastic baskets and so on. The cheap ones are about 2 yuan/piece, and the expensive ones are about 300 yuan/piece

"the founder of elianware, whose ancestral home is in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, is very optimistic about the Chinese market. We also want to use the platform of Yiwu Import Commodities museum to 'buy the world and sell the world' to open the door to the Chinese market." Zhang Zhe, general manager of Yiwu Yilian import and Export Co., Ltd., said that although it has just opened, the impact has gradually emerged after the early market preparation. At present, Bubugao and wal are foreign advanced experimental machines, which adopt precision force sensors, with microcomputer processing, displacement positioning with high-precision photoelectric switches, measurement speed selection, manual and automatic measurement selection, overload safety protection. As a result, digital display and micro printer are used, with high measurement precision, accurate positioning, convenient operation. Supermarkets such as Ma and xinyijia have expressed their purchase intention

Zhang Zhe said that they would introduce products in a targeted manner according to the purchasing preferences of the Chinese market. Next, in addition to plastic products, they will also launch a series of cleaning products. They will design mops, rags and other cleaning products suitable for children and adults to guide children to participate in housework and make cleaning easier and more interesting

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