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The best way to check the acceptance standard of home decoration walls is to turn on the lights in the house at night and carry out the actual visual inspection, because during the actual construction of the walls, due to the technology or carelessness of the construction personnel, there will be uneven or partial scars in some places, which are difficult to see during the day. It can be found only after turning on the lights at night, which is very important. Otherwise, after the careless acceptance, it is quite troublesome to deal with the problems found after moving in

1. Inspection skills of wall hollowing

use a special steel needle hammer (10g) to pad several layers of paper on the wall to check the wall hollowing. Check whether there is an empty drum on the wall. Knock the wall with a small wooden hammer or other things. The sound made when hitting the empty drum is not true, which can be easily heard. Mark it and fill it with putty during decoration

2. Inspection skills of wall water leakage

to check whether the wall is leaking, it is best to go to observe it before the house is handed over and the next day after the heavy rain. In particular, check whether there are water stains on the wall, especially in some Gables, the top surface of kitchen and bathroom, external walls and other places. If there are water stains, it indicates that there is leakage

3. Inspection skills for wall cracks

in addition to water seepage, there is another problem, that is, whether the wall is cracked. Generally, wall cracks are easier to check,

4. Inspection skills of wall emulsion paint quality and wall flatness

when the surrounding light is dark, irradiate with a high-power bulb (200 Watts). As soon as the light is on, whether the wall ceiling is flat will be immediately seen through the shadow of the light. If it is uneven, it is necessary to re putty and paint; If local paint is applied (repaired), it will be different from the primary color of the wall

5. Inspection skills of whether the wall is flat

you can use a long ruler to close to the wall ground to check whether the wall is flat

6. Inspection skills of whether the wall putty is waterproof

check whether the putty on the wall is waterproof putty. You can take a bottle of mineral water, pour water on the wall, touch it with your hand, and see if there is mud on your hand. If not, it proves that the water-resistant putty on the wall is qualified

7. Verticality inspection skills of the wall

the flatness and verticality of the wall are measured with a 2m guiding rule, and the error is within plus or minus 3mm. The verticality or flatness error of the wall surface is large, which will have a great impact on the beauty of the decoration in the later stage. The flatness and perpendicularity of the wall have large errors, which will seriously affect the placement of skirting, doors and wardrobes in the later stage

8. Poor quality of wall roughening and curing, roughening and delamination cracking, peeling

poor degree of roughening and curing, which can be wiped off by hand!... The wall roughening quality of some kitchens and bathrooms is poor, and the sand content of the roughening layer is too large, so the roughening layer can be directly wiped off by using. Such roughening treatment is very easy to cause the safety hidden danger of ceramic tile falling off in the later tiling process





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