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At the end of the year, all kinds of theft news are emerging in endlessly, and thieves are rampant. Keyu smart lock allows you to no longer worry about the potential safety hazards of your family when no one is at home and the inconvenience and insecurity of having to bring a key

the end of the year

thieves are ready to move

all kinds of theft events continue to occur

before going out, many people must recite three formulas in their hearts:

"take the key, close the door, and get the insurance"

however, even in this way

thieves cannot be avoided from entering the house and stealing

maybe you will always encounter such a situation

have left the key at home? The key is often missing

children can't get in after school

the old man was rejected when he went out for a walk; If you find that you have forgotten your keys when you go home late at night, you can only take a taxi to the unit to get it again; When I went downstairs to take out garbage, I inadvertently locked the anti-theft door, but I had no choice but to call 110 for help...

mechanical lock, which is becoming more and more headache

more and more worrying

want to get rid of the inconvenience of the mechanical lock and the hidden danger of carrying it? Don't bother so much ~ fingerprint lock can help you easily! The key is god horse, flash away! The key grows on your body. If you don't believe it, look at ~

fingerprint is the key


at the end of the year, your work is getting busier and busier. You work overtime and go home late at night. With a gentle press of your finger, you don't need your family to get up in the middle of the night to open the door, and don't worry about affecting their rest


at the end of the year, there are too many daily necessities to buy. Go home in large bags and small bags. With a gentle press of your finger, you don't have to pull out the key to open the door


at the end of the year, maybe the nanny left and went back to his hometown. Maybe the family asked workers to decorate the house, but don't worry about the key being copied


Keyu fingerprint lock, fashionable and convenient, one trick anti-theft

welfare is coming

Keyu Chengdu fingerprint lock branch launched fingerprint lock OCT property Swan Castle crazy shopping activity, which is practical and more preferential than online shopping

activity time: December 10-16, 2018

registration address: Swan Castle property service center front desk or regional customer service supervisor

X8 fully automatic push-pull fingerprint lock

high texture, More wear-resistant

one key unlock, go home quickly in 0.5 seconds

JD original price: ¥ 3188 yuan

exclusive price: ¥ 2780 yuan

exclusive discount: give a wireless doorbell, the first three give an electronic cat's eye, and return 100 yuan in cash after satisfactory installation

80 glory series intelligent door lock

hidden anti cat's eye patent

auto focusing function, Comparable to the camera original price: ¥ 2988 yuan

exclusive price: ¥ 2480 yuan

exclusive discount: send an electronic doorbell, and return 100 yuan in cash after satisfactory installation

60 stainless steel eternal style

360 ° fingerprint recognition, go home quickly original price: ¥ 2188 yuan

exclusive price: ¥ 1780 yuan

exclusive discount: Send a doorbell, and return cash after satisfactory installation.Installation of quotation package above 100 yuan

, Keyu products have a three-year warranty and lifelong maintenance! And PICC underwrites 3million insurance




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