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At present, the market share of doors and windows has been growing, indicating that this industry still has great potential. However, some dealers are always unable to open the local market, and countless eventually go bankrupt. So, how can aluminum alloy door and window dealers open the local market

1. Conduct all-round preliminary market research

if dealers want to enter a strange new market or local market, the minimum work they need to do is market research. We must go deep into the hinterland of market competition and fully study the market operation strategy, channel management and control ability, channel strength, product structure, consumer groups, market segments, market share of various brands of similar competitive dealers in the market. Research and analyze the consumption habits, brand awareness and loyalty, consumption patterns, life tastes and psychological expectations of potential consumers. Only by mastering the first-hand market information in time, mining data and information in depth, and conducting all-round preliminary market research, can enterprises start this battle with a powerful weapon

2. Unique core competitiveness breaks down barriers

industry experts believe that dealers' products are often blocked by the high market barriers in the market if they want to enter new markets or local markets. You will find that the market you want to enter is heavily fortified, there are many strong brands in the region, and the competition has reached a white hot level. These dealers have strong control over channels, have a perfect price system, stable consumer groups, and have a very good reputation and influence. Once foreign brands are found to have invaded, these powerful brands, which have just fought to the death, immediately turn the spearhead and unite with the outside world, and soon form an impeccable regional protection network. To break the market barrier, dealers must have unique core competitiveness, not only to break the market barrier, but also to easily exit the market barrier

3. Dealers' products should be competitive

in order to avoid positive competition with well-known products in new markets or regions, it is best to adopt differentiated product strategies, especially for enterprises with low brand awareness and influence. Differentiated product strategies can help enterprises quickly open up the market, cultivate the awareness of potential consumers to the brand, constantly penetrate into the depth of the market, and slowly erode the market share of strong brands. If dealers want to fight with strong products in new markets or regions, their products must have sufficient competitive advantages, whether in product price, quality, function, packaging, use, delivery... At least two core advantages are not possessed by other products, so that enterprises can be invincible in the short battle

4. High quality distributors should have both software and hardware

it is very important for dealers to choose advantageous sales channels in order to enter new markets or local markets. Dealers should have competitive products and high-quality distributors. High quality distributors must have both software and hardware. In terms of software, the distributor's business philosophy and brand recognition should be highly consistent with the company's business strategy and brand marketing. In terms of hardware, the distributor's financial strength and warehousing and logistics ability should meet the company's requirements. The distributor can't do it in the region or make the products die, which is nothing more than the most fatal blow to the distributor. The reputation of the dealer's products in the region has disappeared, and some are all negative news about the dealer's products. No matter how strong the dealer is, it will be in vain to make a comeback in the region





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