How to choose the most practical sanitary ware

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Sanitary ware is an indispensable part of indoor accessories in modern architecture. It should not only meet the functional requirements, but also consider the new stage of energy and water conservation.

sanitary ware is an indispensable part of indoor supporting facilities in modern buildings. We should not only meet the functional requirements, but also consider the new stage of energy and water conservation

there are many kinds of sanitary appliances, but their common requirements are smooth surface, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, heat and cold resistant, easy to clean and durable

before decorating the bathroom, you should first understand the dimensions of all parts of the bathroom, and the design and layout should be in place. In addition to floor tiles, wall tiles, and hanging flat roofs, the focus is on bathtubs, washbasins, and water closets (baths are called "three piece sets"). Generally, there are the following requirements:

price positioning: at present, there are imported original three piece sets with more than 8000 yuan in the market, medium-grade three piece sets with 5000 yuan and low-grade three piece sets with less than 3000 yuan. For the working class, it is more economical to choose sanitary ware with a price between 1500-3000 yuan

style positioning: ceramic sanitary ware is more traditional and nostalgic; Tempered glass sanitary ware is slightly fashionable; Artificial marble and agate sanitary ware reflect elegance and nobility; Acrylic sanitary ware is beautiful and easier to clean

positioning and unification of colors: at present, the colors of sanitary ware products on the market are very rich, including purple color, bone color, white, milky white, royal blue, pink, etc. when purchasing a three piece set of sanitary ware, it is best to choose products of the same brand from the same manufacturer to avoid strong color contrast

pay attention to the following points when choosing sanitary ware:

1. Before choosing the toilet, make sure whether the reserved drain in the toilet is under drainage or horizontal drainage

2. Whether the toilet saves water depends not only on the size of the water tank. As a toilet, its flushing function is the most critical place. Good flushing is not only clean and sanitary, but also saves water and has low noise. The inspection method is to use table tennis as a flushing test, and at least 4 should be flushed down at least once. At present, there are two kinds of toilets in the market, siphon flushing and direct flushing. Generally, high-end products use siphon flushing, which is a flushing method with low noise and good flushing effect

3. Generally, the glaze of high-quality sanitary ware is bright and clean, without shrinkage, color difference, pinhole and lack of glaze, and the sound made by knocking ceramics with hard objects is clear





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