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On August 9, accompanied by the investment manager, president Fang visited the Qianmuyuan production plant: a modern factory, a fully CNC production line Finally, president Fang chose Qianmuyuan custom furniture and decided to sign the contract on the spot

Wuxi County of Chongqing is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the northeast of Chongqing, and the southern foot of the eastern section of Daba. It is a typical mountainous agricultural county

Wuxi County is located at the junction of Chongqing, Shaanxi and Hubei, bordering Shennongjia forest region and Zhuxi County in Hubei Province in the East, Fengjie County and Wushan County in the south, Kai County and Yunyang County in the west, Chengkou county and Zhenping county in Shaanxi Province in the north. Wuxi County is a national greening model county

Mr. Fang has been engaged in the finished furniture industry in Wuxi County for many years, and he operates the Pearl of his eyes, Shuanghu, Southern furniture, Haojing and other first-line finished furniture brands. With a keen business sense, president Fang has put his eyes into the customized furniture industry, is very optimistic about the future development trend of customized furniture, and has been considering introducing a customized furniture brand with both reputation and strength. I learned about Qianmuyuan wardrobe on the website that Qianmuyuan customized furniture is one of the few full house customized furniture brands in Chengdu, covering panel, blister, coating and solid wood. Through communication with the investment manager, the time of visiting the company was agreed

On August 9, accompanied by the investment manager, president Fang visited Qianmuyuan production plant on the spot: modern factory, fully CNC production line, industry-leading design and drawing software, perfect supporting services, plus 10 years of brand precipitation and word-of-mouth accumulation, so that president Fang finally chose Qianmuyuan custom furniture and decided to sign a contract on the spot

thank president Fang for his trust! I believe that the cooperation with Fang Zong will be a strong combination

immediately, Qianmuyuan company will start to design the general store of the other party, and will provide high-quality products and considerate services for Wuxi consumers at that time

now Qianmuyuan customized wardrobe is establishing a dealer network channel nationwide. After the improvement of supporting facilities in the early stage, the improvement and implementation of technology, the establishment of after-sales service guarantee system, and the precipitation of many years engaged in the customization industry, Qianmuyuan brand is bringing a new wealth and business opportunities, a new industry concept, and a new cooperation mode to the vast number of dealer friends




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