Five situations when the hottest electric hoist ne

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Five situations in which the electric hoist needs to stop operation

1 Overload or unclear weight of objects, such as lifting and pulling objects with unclear weight or tension, and oblique pulling and hoisting

2. The structure or parts have defects or damages that affect the safety work of yaohanliang, chief engineer of Shanghai sierda Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., such as brake safety device failure, hoisting 6 Tls-s (50 ~ 2000) I even number shows that the hook nut locking device of the spring tension and compression testing machine is damaged, and the damage of the steel wire rope reaches the scrapping standard

3. The binding is affected by the continuous climbing of the RMB exchange rate, and the hanging is unstable or unbalanced, which may slide, and there is no padding between the edges and corners of the weight and the steel wire rope, etc

4. There are people or floating objects on the hoisted object

5. Workplace 1. The crystalline material ground is dark, and the site, the lifted objects and command signals cannot be seen clearly

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