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Xiagong loaders joined North Guangdong United Steel Works in batches

for people in the south, the rainy summer has long been used to as usual. This is not, while the sky in northern Guangdong has just had a "happy rain" gap. A group of Xiamen workers' loaders lined up and roared into the huge parking lot of Guangdong north Guangdong United steel plant

Xiagong loaders joined Yuebei United Steel Works in batches.

"this batch of equipment 1. The host of this kind of equipment adopts a floor type frame structure, bearing the good expectations and blessings of Xiagong, and it is delivered to users on time and with good quality. We are very pleased and grateful for the trust of users. We will continue to provide users with stable and reliable high-quality products and become a powerful tool to help users develop." The head of Guangzhou yidoufu, the distribution partner of Xiamen Industrial Group, said happily

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Guangdong Yuebei United Steel Co., Ltd., located in Yingde City, Guangdong Province, is a modern steel complex focusing on short process steelmaking and steel rolling production, with an annual output of 2 to protect the screen from external shocks of more than million tons. It is a local well-known steel enterprise established by Yingde City, Guangdong Province, which focuses on attracting investment. According to the person in charge of the equipment department of the steel plant, as early as the early stage of the construction of the plant, the steel plant began to use Xiagong loaders in large quantities. It can be said that Xiamen Industrial Equipment witnessed and promoted the development of steel plants. As he said, the flexible, reliable, efficient and fuel-efficient characteristics of the loader of Xiagong not only ensure the daily operation of the steel plant, but also help save a lot of operating costs

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"in fact, during this period, we also tried to replace products of other brands, but in recent years, after comparing the use of various brands, we found that the products of Xiagong are easy to use, which is really awesome. Therefore, when the new factory is rebuilt and put into operation to purchase equipment, we still choose Xiagong without hesitation. Without comparison, we have no say, and without comparison, we have no decision." When it comes to why the loader of XCMG was selected for this purchase, Vickers hardness test is also an indentation test method. The person in charge opened his heart and told the staff on site

for this reason, from the early days of the establishment of the plant in 2006, the xg951, xg951iii and xg955 loaders used by Xiagong have been replaced in time. Now, xg951h, xg955h and xg932h series loaders have withstood the extreme challenge of busy and harsh working conditions in the peak season of the development of the steel plant with reliable quality and high-quality service, leaving a deep impression on the users of Guangdong north Guangdong United steel plant, It also contributes to the development of steel mills with its own strength. (this article is from Xiamen Engineering Group)

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