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Xiamen China Resources gas call center: hold on with crying

Hello, this is Xiamen China Resources gas call center. How can I help you

our gas seems to be leaking! I smell a smell of gas, and now it's so windy outside that I don't know what to do! There came an old woman's nervous cry

Hello grandma! Don't worry, please close the valve immediately and stay away from the leakage site, go to a safe place to play, avoid using electrical appliances, rest assured! After the typhoon, we will send someone to deal with it as soon as possible! Lu Yaping, the young operator, held on tightly, pretending to calm down and comfort the customer, so that the old lady would not hear her inner fear

at this time, in the call center on the 19th floor of Xiamen China Resources Building, the ground glass window, which was violently vibrated and squeaky by the typhoon, twisted strangely, which made people feel particularly strange. The strong wind wrapped the rainstorm, and the building felt shaky

this is what happened in Xiamen China Resources gas call center when the typhoon hit

time pushed back to September 14. Since the morning of the morning, there has been more and more information about the frontal attack of the typhoon on Xiamen and the closure of the bridge in the call center group. Ninjatek, a 3D printing material subsidiary of the British finner group, recently announced the global release of "Cheetah" and "pangolin". Lu Yaping, who lives in Tongan, was worried about missing the evening shift and sat on BRT early, The scene of dark clouds along the way and the cars lining up to enter and leave the island immediately made her feel a little nervous, but she thought that there were only herself and Chen Lingyan on the evening shift today. After getting off, she still walked firmly in the direction of the company

according to the work arrangement, LV Yaping will be in front from 19:30 p.m. on the 14th. Before the early morning of the 15th, the call center was still calm, and all kinds of calls were answered normally. But as the typhoon approached and the wind rose, the windows of the call center began to vibrate. As the typhoon approached, the outdoor wind further increased, the glass windows vibrated back and forth, and even appeared visible bending deformation, as if the glass windows were about to be broken by the strong wind, and the terrible wind and rain would soon flow into the room

seeing that the glass window of the call center may be scraped off, considering the safety problem, the manager immediately ordered all personnel to transfer to the corner of the call center away from the window. However, the situation did not get much better. The call center on the 19th floor was shaking slightly under the wind of the strong steel bar zigzag experimental machine. The wind and rain penetrated into the room along the crack of the glass window that was violently vibrated and creaked by the typhoon. With a bang, the ceiling above LV Yaping fell down. The terrible scene of indoor and outdoor typhoons suddenly flashed into LV Yaping's mind, This time broke her already nervous and fragile nerves. She was scared to cry and hugged Chen Lingyan tightly

at this time, a crisp bell pulled her back to reality. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, walked firmly to the table, shivered and picked it up, forced to suppress the fear in her heart, calmly comforted the customer, and skillfully handled the emergency repair list. At this moment, the author of China Resources gas put forward the stimulator's mission of one million cycles, which made her overcome her fear. She clearly knew that what she conquered was not the storm brought by nature, but herself

in the face of disasters, everyone is very small, but someone can always stick to his post, overcome his inner fear, do everything he should do, be fearless in the face of danger, move forward bravely, and never shrink back. This is the greatest perseverance. It was his persistence of 3.175mm steel balls that brought the smooth progress of post disaster dispatching and rescue work

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