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Xiagong loader: endless innovation quality wins trust

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in the field of loaders in China, Xiagong has always been a pioneer in this industry and has led the development of the industry for a long time. Nowadays, although the competition in the loader industry has become increasingly fierce and the market has changed in thousands of ways, with its solid technical research and development strength and years of brand reputation, Xiagong loader is still at the forefront of the industry in terms of product performance and brand influence

in Fuzhou Panasonic wharf, the performance and quality of Xiagong loader has been vividly reflected here, and has won extensive praise from users. On the busy dock, heavy trucks loaded with goods roared up and down on the edge of the harbor, raising a burst of dust. Under the large freighter parked beside the wharf, several Xiamen workers' loaders are operating in an orderly manner. The whole wharf is a busy scene

Han Gard, whose hometown is Lianyungang, Jiangsu, is the equipment manager of Panasonic wharf. He came to Panasonic Wharf in 2007. Now he has worked here for 7 years. He often deals with equipment, which can be said to be the person who knows the performance of equipment best at Panasonic wharf. "We have a total of 20 loaders at Panasonic wharf, all of which are Xiamen workers!" Han Jiade told the author that among the 20 loaders, there are 12 xg956 loaders and 8 xg953 loaders

Xiagong loader: innovate endless quality to win trust

Xiagong loader: innovate endless quality to win trust

Xiagong loader: innovate endless quality to win trust

Han gard told the author that because the wharf has been busy recently, Xiagong loader works almost 20 hours here every day. "The working intensity is very high, but the working condition of Xiamen Construction machinery loader is particularly good and the performance is very stable." Han gard pointed to a pile of minerals beside the wharf and said to the author, "these are iron and gold powder. There are 3.2 tons on one side, and at least 8 or 9 tons on one bucket. This kind of high-intensity operation may not be able to be carried by other brands of loaders, but Xiagong loaders are completely OK, perform very well, and basically there will be no failure of the equipment, and the work efficiency is particularly high!"

Han gard said that the loader of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group not only has very reliable product performance, but also has excellent after-sales service. If the equipment breaks down, just call the after-sales personnel of Xiamen Engineering Group, and they will come immediately to eliminate the fault, which is very timely. "We are very reassured by the cooperation of Xiamen workers. Choosing Xiamen workers is a very correct choice! "Han gard told the author like this.

Liu Canping, who has more than ten years of experience in driving loaders, is an ordinary driver at Panasonic wharf. As the direct operator of Xiagong loaders, he also praised the performance of Xiagong loaders. Among them, one Xiagong loader made him particularly satisfied, that is, Xiagong xg956hn loader.

"This XCMG xg956hn loader is particularly comfortable to drive, and the control of the boom is very easy. Moreover, the boom lifting speed is very fast, and the action is particularly consistent. You won't feel tired after working all day." Liu Canping spent more than 1000 hours driving this xg956hn loader. In addition to its comfort, he was also amazed at the fuel consumption of this loader

"the oil consumption of the xg956 loader used to be about liters per hour, but the oil consumption of this xg956hn loader is only about liters per hour, which is very fuel-efficient!" Liu Canping told the author that other colleagues on the dock now particularly like to drive this xg956hn loader of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group. "Why do you reduce the weight by 25% compared with the traditional steel plate body? Because everyone says this Xiagong loader is the most comfortable to drive!" Liu Canping said to the author

it is understood that the new loader xg956hn of Xiagong adopts the patented constant variable hydraulic technology of Xiagong. Through the steering priority and dual pump confluence support working system, the operation of the equipment can be more stable. The hydraulic pilot operation realizes micro and gentle operation. The operating force of the operator when operating this loader is also smaller and easier, completing a complete loading and unloading process: the time from lifting, loading and unloading to landing, That is, "Sanxiang and he said in an interview:" this is an unprecedented initiative in the industry that polyurethane board itself can play a very good heat preservation role. " Within 10 seconds, it is far ahead of other similar domestic brands, and its work efficiency has been greatly improved

moreover, the noise of XCMG xg956hn loader is also particularly low, and the noise near the operator's ear has been greatly improved. According to the test, the indoor noise of HN energy-saving products of Xiagong is 85 dB, which is much lower than the national standard of 89 dB, and also lower than the national standard of 86 dB in 2015, creating a more comfortable operating environment for users

the launch of XCMG HN energy-saving series products once again shows the industry its strong strength in technology research and development, and also leads the continuous development of energy-saving technology in the industry. We believe that XCMG HN series energy-saving products will bring users a new operating experience and create greater value for customers

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