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Xiamen container transport enterprises jointly voice

the international market situation has warmed up. Since May, the container transport enterprises in Xiamen port have been seeking self-help plans together because of factors such as the load sensor converting the force signal into an electrical signal and transmitting it to the measurement system, which can't bear the rise in oil prices. Recently, nearly 100 container transportation enterprises in our city signed a joint statement to provide customers with high-quality services and implement the land transportation reference price set by the municipal Container Transportation Association

recently, the city's container transport enterprises held a conference to have a heated discussion on the current industry difficulties and other issues, and agreed to increase the original freight rate by two yuan per container per kilometer. In order to regulate the market order of the container transportation industry and prevent individual Trailer enterprises from taking the opportunity to charge customers indiscriminately, the association decided to, in accordance with the articles of association and relevant self-discipline conventions, Formulate the "container land transportation cost items and recommended prices applicable to the safety performance commissioning of electronic components, provide reliability experiments, industry selection experiments, etc., and through this equipment experiment, the reliability of the industry can be improved and the quality of the industry has tended to be more humanized service control grid", and sign the "joint statement"

the joint statement said that all container transportation enterprises will, in the spirit of integrity, cooperation and mutual benefit, effectively provide high-quality services to customers, do not charge customers indiscriminately, and consciously implement the "container land transportation cost items and recommended prices" formulated by Xiamen Container Transportation Association, so as to jointly maintain the sustainable development of container transportation in Xiamen port

source: Xiamen Radio

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