Five reasons for the application of online marketi

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Five reasons for the application of network marketing in paint enterprises

five reasons for the application of network marketing in paint enterprises

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[China paint information] whether the paint is suitable for network marketing has been puzzling the general manager and marketing executives of the enterprise. In fact, this problem has been answered by the actual actions of some paint enterprises, but most paint enterprises still hold the Pipa and half cover fan approach, which makes the use of network marketing seem to be small, and the effect seems to be not very obvious

the building materials marketing center of yingdao marketing consulting agency, through the attention, research, analysis and practice of coating network marketing for a year, found that at present, the coating enterprises are still relatively scattered in the network marketing strategy, few of them fight in combination, and the steps are relatively small, the strength is not enough, and the enterprises are also hesitant

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is also due to these reasons. Network marketing is not enough to promote the terminal sales of coating products, improve brand awareness, and support channel development, and its role has not been fully played. Originally, this means can better help paint enterprises save marketing costs, break through market difficulties, and help small and medium-sized paint brands get rid of the restrictions of the regional market and achieve closer interaction with consumers. However, due to incomplete strategies, incomplete implementation, lack of creativity, and the failure of combination boxing, paint enterprises can still get very limited benefits from network marketing

Deng chaoming, chief partner and senior marketing consultant of yingdao consulting, believes that coating enterprises have full use of online marketing, whether it is promoting brands, or launching new products, promoting products, and the driving force behind it is mainly in five aspects:

first, interconnection has become an important channel for people to obtain product information and brand information, such as online media, search engines, forums, blogs and other information acquisition channels, Including paint brands and products, some home furnishing, decoration, building materials, life, fashion stations and forums have become important channels for people with purchase needs to obtain information. On the search engine, we can also find that some keywords about paint are searched quite frequently, indicating that many users are paying attention to these brands or products, and collecting details through search engine queries. According to CNNIC's 23rd internet report, by the end of 2008, the number of Chinese citizens had reached 298million and 113.7 million. Compared with 2007, the utilization rate of online media has increased by nearly 5 percentage points, reaching 234 million people, and the number of search engine users has reached 203, which is more beautiful than spray painting. Moreover, the usage rate of search engine among the elderly is significantly higher than that of other groups; The higher the education, the higher the utilization rate of search engine; The higher the income, the higher the utilization rate of search engine. The characteristics of search engine users determine its high commercial value in the Internet field

second, the discussion of paint brands and products can be seen in various mainstream decoration, home furnishing, life and building materials forums, and some people also began to write articles, take pictures of decoration processes, experiences and stories in life, and share them on blogs. These all affect the purchase decisions of other consumers. According to CNNIC, as an important application of user generated content, blogs have maintained a rapid growth momentum since its inception. By the end of 2008, Chinese bloggers had reached 162million; The number of users of the forum reached 91 million, including a large number of urban target consumer groups who know about paint brands and product information

third, in terms of career structure, in addition to students, civil servants such as workers in party and government organs and institutions, managers of enterprises and companies, staff, professional and technical personnel account for a large proportion. For example, enterprise/company managers account for 4.5%, workers in party and government organs and institutions account for 10.3%, enterprise/company staff and professional and technical personnel account for 23.7%, and self-employed households account for 7.3%, The number of people with a stable income level is quite large, which means that their purchasing power is also relatively stable. These people just constitute the main part of the purchase, marriage, decoration or renovation of second-hand houses

fourth, improve the international competitiveness. The income level and purchasing power of the civilian group are quite strong, which is the main force in the purchase of coatings. Among the whole population, urban residents account for 71.6%, and people with an income of more than 2000 yuan account for 26.5% of the whole population. Through the analysis of the Internet penetration rate and people's situation, it is not difficult to find that urban people account for an absolute proportion, the purchasing power level of people is at a high level, and a certain proportion of people have housing decoration needs. Network communication can effectively affect consumers' purchase decisions. Moreover, people born in the 1980s are more personalized and autonomous in the purchase of household goods, and the influence of decoration companies and painters will be further reduced, Before purchasing, these people will obtain information about products and brands through various channels such as networks, interpersonal circles, advertisements, newspapers and paper media, decoration companies, painters, etc., compare them, and then make personalized purchase decisions

fifth, the maturity of network marketing strategy, which can realize the shaping of coating brand popularity through a variety of network marketing strategies or network integrated marketing. In some related industries, existing enterprises have welcomed the "double happiness" of brand leap and sales growth with the help of network marketing. These mature strategies include network marketing, brand network advertising, network event marketing, network activity marketing, search engine marketing, etc. at the same time, yingdao marketing consulting agency, a well-known brand in the industry that focuses on building materials marketing planning and consulting, has specially launched the white paper "yingdao consulting · network marketing solutions for the oil paint and coating industry" for this purpose. These strategies have been tested for effectiveness, and can show their wonderful posture on the paint stage. Among coating enterprises, 3A environmental paint and other brands entrust yingdao consultants to start integrated marketing, which has a very obvious effect

at the same time, Deng chaoming, a partner of yingdao consulting and senior marketing consultant, believes that paint enterprises must take the road of integration in order to tap greater benefits from network marketing! In this regard, the traditional integrated marketing communication provides a good idea. We must formulate a complete network marketing strategy and implementation plan, integrate the network communication channels, network sales channels and network aggregation platforms that can be used, and form a combined channel. On this channel, we can convey product and brand information to consumers, deepen their impression, stimulate their interest, and interact and communicate with consumers to achieve sales, Finally, cultivate loyal customers and brand word-of-mouth communicators

at present, Foshan Sanai Chemical Co., Ltd., a well-known environmental protection coating brand, has taken this key step, and has reached a year-round integrated marketing communication cooperation with the team led by the author. It has taken the lead, led the new trend of integrated marketing, and created a new marketing path for coating brands. With the help of integrated marketing communication, 3A environmental protection paint will better provide consumers with timely and in place quality services, and understand and master customer needs in a more timely and comprehensive manner. The "environmental protection communication strategy" that 3A environmental protection paint has always followed will find a more beneficial place to play

in terms of online communication channels, it is generally related to coatings or online tools that can convey product information to potential coating buyers and affect coating purchase decisions, mainly focusing on online media, online communities, blogs, electronic publications and other media, such as, real estate, science and technology, home furnishings, decoration, life, consumption, shopping, brands, health, fashionable women, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to include enterprise official stations, search engines, e-mail, SMS, e-commerce stations, etc. into the marketing plan

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