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Xiamen enterprises aim at 6.18: a new favorite of packaging made of waste plastics

also packaging goods with cartons and tapes? Then you are out of date. Now, in the binding and packaging of electronics, building materials, chemicals, auto parts, wires and cables, daily necessities, food, paper and other industries, the figure of wrapping film can be seen everywhere

different from the traditional packaging method, the winding film can tightly bind the product into a unit with its own winding force and retraction, and it will not loosen even if it is bumped. It also has the function of primary protection. With its superior tensile strength, puncture resistance and tear resistance, it can play the role of dust, oil, moisture, water and theft prevention. The cost of packaging products with it is less than half of the original

Chen Jianchao, general manager of Xiamen Jufu plastic products Co., Ltd., said that the annual use of winding film in China is about 60000 tons, of which 40% depends on imports. Since its establishment at the end of 1999, their company has seized the opportunity to introduce foreign advanced equipment for heat insulation and insulation that can use ethanol or liquid nitrogen to expand the test pieces, independently developed new products, and soon became a brand in 1 (4) hours and occupied the market. In view of the characteristics of some items that are afraid of sun exposure and aging, Jufu company has also developed a black anti UV winding film. As large as 1.5 meters wide and as small as 5 cm wide, they all complement each other in improving the energy efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution. This year, they will also launch the widest wrapping film product in China with a width of 2 meters

not only that, in the past, the winding film will be directly discarded after being used. Xiamen Jufu plastic products Co., Ltd. has developed a new technology to continue to produce the winding film using the used winding film as raw material. Enterprises not only obtain economic benefits, but also save resources for the society

According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission, Jufu plastic took this project to the June 18 trade fair last year and obtained the first batch of support funds for June 18 this year. Now, this technology has been successfully industrialized, with an annual output of 1900 tons of winding film

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