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Xiamen caimaolong re launched the second generation of industrial WCMA router

the development team of Xiamen Caimao company has been adhering to the "R & D-based, market-based" principle for 8 years, "Customer demand-oriented, create value for customers "With the concept of persistent pursuit, we will always reach the peak and hope to provide customers with the best products in the industry. Now Caimao company once again launched the fourth generation of high-end industrial WCDMA router cm8150r products on the basis of the original router products.

under the good opportunity of strategic restructuring, on the basis of the accumulation of the original third-generation router technology, the company grandly launched the fourth generation of the most high-end arm 9 industrial WCDMA router cm8150r Series, in return for the love of new and old customers:

the new cm8150r improves the original shortcomings on the basis of the old 8150r, and interprets the new meaning of router in the industry with a faster, more stable and higher-end posture:

the technical parameters of the product are as follows:

first, wireless parameters

1, support umts/hsdpa/wcdma 850/1900/2100mhz

2, dual band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900mhz

3 Support gprs/edge class 12

4 Data rate


downlink up to 7.2Mbps

uplink up to 2.4mbps

WCDMA mode:

downlink/uplink up to 384kbps

edge mode:

downlink up to 236.8mbps

uplink up to 118kbps

GPRS mode:

downlink up up to 85.6mbps

uplink up to 42.8kbps

csd mode:

downlink/uplink up to 14.4kbps

II. Hardware system

1 Cpu: industrial ARM9 CPU, 200mps, 16K DCache, 16K Icache

2, flash:8mb (expandable to 32MB)

3, sdram:64mb (expandable to 256MB)

4, interface:

Ethernet port:

a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port,

shielded RJ-45 1,5 kV isolation transformer,

ethernet IEEE,


data bits: 7 or 8

parity: none, even, Odd

stop bits: - 1 or 2

flow contro: none or rts/ct4. It is found that the experimental results are much different from the usual results in the experiment s

protection – 15 kV ESD and short circuit

console: RS-232, 115200 BPs, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity (8n1)

with power supply, communication, and Ethernet port link/act indicators

antenna interface:

standard SMA female antenna interface, with a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω

sim/uim card interface:

standard drawer user card interface (3v/5v)

power interface:

standard 3-core locomotive power socket

voice interface:

standard headphone microphone interface. (reserved, optional)

6. Power supply:

external power supply: DC 9V 1.5A

wide voltage power supply: DC V

7. Other parameters:

working environment temperature -25~+65 C

storage temperature -40~+85 C

relative humidity 95% (even the experimental curve can provide the contour condensation of a large body)

III. software function

1. Support VPN safe tunnel function, including PPTP + MPTP.Pe and ipsec+l2tp (FSP, certificate)

2 Intelligent anti drop, support detection, maintenance, and automatic redial when dropped, to ensure that the device is always on

3. Support iptables firewall, packet filtering function

4. Support a variety of protocols: tcp/ip, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, OICQ, Telnet, FTP, etc

5. Support dynamic routing and static routing

6. Support DHCP function

7. Support NAT function, such as SNAT, Dna2, the operation method of concrete pressure testing machine t

8. Support dynamic DDNS

9. Support DMZ host

10. Support routing forwarding, but also support serial port data transmission. Data center management

11. Support apn/vpdn network

12. Convenient web configuration, support remote web management

13 Support telnet management, easy-to-use console shell interactive environment

14, support multiple terminals to share router PPP wide area exit

15, support a variety of wireless dial-up methods: automatic allocation, specify IP, specify local peer IP

16, support as a PPP server, multiple authentication methods, support two-way authentication

17, convenient and easy-to-use com and syslog system diagnosis, debugging functions

18 Support serial port local software upgrade

19, support TFTP software remote upgrade

20, support real-time clock

21, support Linux and windows operating systems at the same time

4. On the basis of full compatibility with the original 8150r products, the performance is improved as follows

three-layer system protection: on the basis of the original two-level system protection (software protection + CPU built-in watchdog protection, external hardware watchdog protection), Adding primary system monitoring protection s, so the contact gauge measurement method will have a great impact on the tensile test of the sample WP (system watch protect), which completely solves the difficult problems of "fake", "fake crash", "crash" and so on in the industry

perfect VPN: the new router perfectly supports all VPN functions in the industry (pptp+mppe, ipsec+l2tp), and solves the problem that the original router cannot support IPSec functions due to system problems

super cache: it can provide 32m client transmission data cache and solve the data loss caused by network bottleneck

high speed processing CPU: the industrial CPU of ARM9, which is more extremely high-speed than the original, can process various protocol data conversion at a higher speed and avoid data retransmission and loss caused by slow CPU processing speed. The new CPU is equipped with memory management MMU, It can prevent system instability caused by abnormal system memory problems

real time operating system: the new system adopts real-time operating system RTOS, which can receive and send data more quickly and in real time, avoiding the problem of data packet loss

Perfect protocol stack: the new system loads a perfect tcp/ip protocol stack, and the network communication performance is excellent

support HSUPA: the new model supports HSUPA function, and the upload speed can reach 2.4mbps

emc has excellent performance: it passes the electric shock test of 3000V, which is especially suitable for use in harsh environments in the industrial field, and the system is stable and reliable

it is the consistent support of customers that enables us to go step by step until now. Our company will continue to work hard, constantly explore and surpass, "think what customers want, be urgent about what customers want", and "be customer-centered and customer-oriented", and continue to provide customers with excellent quality and good service, in order to repay customers' consistent support and care for us for many years

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