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XCMG internal combustion counterweight forklift xg5160

XCMG internal combustion counterweight forklift xg5160-dt has strong performance

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XCMG internal combustion counterweight forklift xg5160-dt has strong performance, high torque, low fuel consumption, flexible and portable steering, and reliable (3) it has strong development goals, flexible transmission, stable and reliable, and reinforced gantry forks

product features

diesel sc8d170 diesel engine, the first project in the standard, is characterized by high power, high torque, reliable operation and low fuel consumption

the steering adopts the transverse oil cylinder steering bridge, which is fully hydraulic steering, and has the characteristics of flexible and light steering, strong reliability, etc

the dual converter (gearbox and torque converter) adopts imported technology to produce products with good quality and stable performance. The complete installation technology and supporting products of the transmission party are hydraulic transmission. Compared with automatic transmission, flexible transmission, stable transmission and convenient operation

the service braking system adopts mature products from professional manufacturers, and the brake is double shoe internal expansion type, with reliable braking performance

In the final analysis, the reason for this kind of scene lies in the friction coefficient function of plastic flexible packaging materials

the standard is equipped with hydraulic distance adjusting fork, which is convenient to operate, reduces labor intensity, and has an integral side shift, which can automatically align. In the process of operation, because the goods cannot be put down, it is not necessary to adjust the forward and backward of the forklift

the gantry and fork are of reinforced design, with the ability of impact resistance and high-intensity operation

the muffler is arranged at a high position, which can reduce the engine back pressure, speed up the engine dual variable heat dissipation, maintain a stable heat balance, and improve the working efficiency of the main engine and dual variable

the driving seat can be moved up and down, back and forth, which can improve the operating comfort of drivers

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