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Xiamen Caimao releases wireless LED information publishing system

Abstract: This paper provides the design principle and implementation scheme of a remote wireless LED information publishing system based on gprs/cdma/3g network. This paper briefly introduces the application occasions, system composition and system scheme of wireless LED information release system

key words: GPRS; CDMA; 3G; DTU; Internet; LED;

I. overview

II. Characteristics of wireless LED display information publishing system

III. design principles of wireless LED display information publishing system

IV. main functions of wireless LED display information publishing system

v. system topology

VI. project construction implementation

VII. Application field of wireless LED display information publishing system

VIII. Technical parameters of gprs/cdma/3g DTU products

I Overview

Xiamen Caimao wireless LED information publishing system is a new information media publishing method that organically combines wireless remote transmission technology and LED display technology. It provides a system scheme with rapid construction, efficient information release and low-cost maintenance for the needs of large-scale and remote LED information release

the information input of the traditional LED display screen is directly connected with the computer through the data line in a short distance. Therefore, for the traditional LED display screen, it can not meet the needs of real-time remote information release, so it is impossible to build a large-scale remote connected LED screen information release system. Wireless LED information release system can effectively solve the problem of remote group of traditional LED display screen

Xiamen Caimao wireless LED information publishing system is based on gsm/gprs/cdma/3g wireless network technology, through SMS or tcp/ip data communication, and provides a general RS232 or RS485 or RJ45 interface to realize the group control of LED display. Whether it is an ordinary text bar screen or a large screen graphic screen, it can realize the remote real-time update and release of information through the wireless information terminal. No matter where and how many LED displays are placed, the main control center of the system can accurately and instantly release information to one or more designated screens. The wireless LED information release system greatly enhances the flexibility and real-time performance of the LED display screen as the information display carrier to release information, and plays a role in expanding its application

wireless LED information display screen is a new information media. Once it is launched, it has been accepted by a wide range of social groups. Its "mobile" display and joint information release characteristics are more respected by the advertising industry and become a new advertising media

II. Characteristics of wireless LED display information release system

1. large group size: the content of traditional LED display is sent by computer through serial port data line, and the number of display screens is limited in scale. The wireless LED display information release system sends information through Xiamen Caimao DTU, using tcp/ip network transmission protocol or SMS protocol, and the number of terminal connections is unlimited

2. Real time release of information: the traditional LED display can only display the information stored in the controller fixedly. If you need to release new information, you can only update the information through the computer online. The wireless LED display screen can receive the information sent by the information center at any time

3. not limited by distance: the traditional electronic display screen can only be used in a short distance, generally only tens of meters. The wireless LED display screen can be used nationwide as long as it is covered by the wireless gsm/gprs/cdma/3g network, which is not limited by distance and location

4. Convenient installation and maintenance: by understanding the technical parameters and specifications of the tensile testing machine, there is no need to lay optical cables or communication cables, so the installation position of the wireless LED display is easy to choose. The product adopts modular design, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul

III. design principles of wireless LED display information release system

1. Progressiveness: make full use of computer interconnection network, mobile wireless communication system, LED display control and other advanced technologies to design a domestic advanced wireless LED display information release system. Using the current advanced system software platform and terminal equipment, it can not only support the needs of wireless LED display information release, but also support the specific business needs of relevant industries

2. Reliability: due to the particularity of the use environment of the wireless LED display information release system, it is necessary to ensure that the system works relatively stable and reliable. The reliability of this system is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the reliability of the central system, including the reliability of the hardware system, the reliability of the operating system, database, central service system and other software platforms; The second is the reliability of wireless LED display terminals, which mainly refers to that wireless LED display terminals can work stably and reliably with low hardware failure rate. Third, the communication mechanism is reliable, because it promises not to plan major asset restructuring within 3 months from the date of publication of the announcement. The use environment of wireless network communication has its complex characteristics, and the system communication mechanism must ensure efficient and reliable data transmission

3. Scalability: the system should have good scalability. When the number of terminals increases, the range of users expands, and the system functions increase, it can be upgraded smoothly to protect the investment. At present, the wireless LED display information release system can support all kinds of existing wireless communication access, GSM communication system, GPRS communication system, CDMA communication system, 3G communication system (WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, EV-DO) and realize the parallel operation of these systems. In the future, the access of other future communication systems can be realized by developing and installing corresponding communication interface protocols

4. practicality: the operation of the whole system aims at convenience, conciseness and efficiency, which not only fully reflects the characteristics of rapid response, but also facilitates the operator to process and publish information, and facilitates the management to understand various statistical information in time

5. Confidentiality: strict authority management is implemented for the management of the system. Only the key with certain authority can be accessed, monitored, and the corresponding management and control operations can be implemented to ensure the safety and reliability of the system

IV. main functions of wireless LED display information release system

1. The maximum number of wireless LED displays supported by the system is more than 10000

2. Communication system support: gsm/gprs/cdma/3g and other wireless communication methods, SMS communication methods

3. the system software adopts b/s structure

4. support LED display device information management function

5. Support real-time and regular sending of text information

6. Add, delete and modify functions of publishing information

7. Define that different operation users have different operation permissions to realize user hierarchical management

v. system topology

application scheme: LED information is released through tcp/ip, and the topology is as follows:

wireless LED display information release system is composed of LED display, LED display controller, Xiamen Caimao DTU and low-line LED display information distribution center platform without manufacturing cost. The control center uses the LED display information release software, takes the wireless network as the data transmission carrier, and takes Xiamen Caimao DTU and LED display controller as the access terminal of the LED display screen to realize the remote transmission of graphic information from the control center to the remote wireless LED display device. This scheme is more suitable for the release of a large number of pictures and text information

among them, the product models of Xiamen Caimao DTU that can be used for wireless LED release are as follows:

next, take the establishment of 100 LED information release screens as an example to explain the project implementation

A, the list of equipment required for project implementation:

b, the selection of project implementation scheme:

scheme 1: the center adopts Internet public connections such as ADSL and public fixed IP services

this scheme applies for ADSL and other broadband services from Internet operators, and the center has public fixed IP

dtu directly initiates a connection to the center. The operation is reliable and stable. This scheme is recommended

scheme 2: the center adopts Internet public connections such as ADSL, and adopts public dynamic ip+dns resolution services

the customer first contacts the DNS service provider to open the dynamic domain name. DTU first connects to the DNS server by using the domain name addressing method, and then the DNS server finds the central public dynamic IP and establishes the connection. This method can greatly save the cost of public fixed IP, but the stability is subject to the stability of DNS server, so we should find a reliable DNS service provider. This scheme is suitable for small-scale applications

scheme 3: the center adopts APN dedicated line, and all points adopt internal fixed IP

the customer center accesses the GPRS network of the mobile company through a 2m APN dedicated line. The private fixed IP address is used for wide area connection between the interconnection routers of both sides, and the GRE tunnel is used between the GGSN and the interconnection router of the mobile company

assign a special APN to customers, and ordinary users are not allowed to apply for this APN. Only the SIM card used for GPRS can enter the special APN to prevent other illegal users from entering

the user establishes a radius server internally as the remote authentication server accessed by the internal user (or enable the local authentication function of the router in the APN router). Only authenticated users are allowed to access to ensure the internal security of users

the user establishes a DHCP server internally (or enables the DHCP function in the APN router) and assigns the user's internal address to the authenticated user

end to end encryption is adopted between the mobile terminal and the server platform to avoid possible leakage of information in the whole transmission process

both parties adopt firewalls for isolation, and filter IP addresses and ports on the firewalls

this scheme has greatly improved the security and stability in terms of real-time performance. It is suitable for the application environment with high security requirements, more data points and high real-time requirements. This group of methods is not recommended for occasions where safety requirements are not particularly high

c, engineering maintenance:

after the normal operation of this information release system, regular maintenance is required. The maintenance work includes: regular patrol inspection of LED display screen, inspection of the display condition of the display screen, such as: display brightness, whether there are defects and bad points, and the fixation of the screen body, regular fee settlement and recharge of SIM card. Regular patrol inspection can be carried out once a month or twice a month according to the business situation

VII. Application field of wireless LED display information release system

as a new information release carrier, wireless LED display information release system has a broad market and uses, and can be widely used in government, commerce, transportation, catering, construction, tourism, sports, transportation and other industries and departments

residential buildings and yards: install wireless LED display screens at the entrances of residential areas, buildings and yards as residential information bulletin boards to facilitate property owners and residents to publish property notices, public welfare information, residential announcements, meteorological information, safety knowledge, traffic tips, community information, etc., contribute to the integration and dissemination of community information, purify the community environment, and enhance the community image

government departments: install the wireless LED display screen in the office hall of government departments as the government bulletin board, which is used to publish government policies, announcements, public opinion surveys, emergency notices, early warning tips, meteorological information, laws and regulations, etc; Wireless LED display screen can become the standard terminal of information release and early warning system of meteorological, safety, transportation, water conservancy, fire protection, civil affairs, public security, urban management and other industry departments

stores and supermarkets: install wireless LED display screens at the head of the store, the entrance of the supermarket, the hall, and the shelves for publishing shopping guide tips, supply and demand information, price quotations, promotions and discounts, new product introductions, and business recommendations

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