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The Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan encourages the improvement of plastic added value

recently, the industry bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan encouraged the plastic industry to develop key plastic materials for 3C products that meet the EU norms, as well as environmentally compatible substances that meet the requirements of green industry

recently, the European Union has implemented relevant directives on prohibited substances in electronic products such as WEEE and RoHS. Taiwan's economic and industrial bureau believes that the plastic industry should meet this requirement and develop halogen-free products such as lead-free, bromine free, chlorine free and iodine free. The industry bureau will assist 28 (5) 0335490 16180 d=3a developers to develop new markets such as precision molds, thin processing of engineering plastics, high-value nano plastic composite microcomputer (PC or liquid crystal single chip microcomputer) to control the experimental process, medical equipment, automotive plastics, and the first integrated circuit material made of graphene wafers successfully developed by the original American IBM company

the output value of Taiwan's plastic industry in 2003 was NT $595.2 billion, which is expected to increase by 10% this year, with an output value of more than NT $600billion. Its output value target for 2008 is NT $800billion

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