Taiwan's Sinopec shuts down No. 4 naphtha cracking

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Taiwan's Sinopec closes No. 4 naphtha cracking unit

Taiwan's Sinopec (CPC) closed its No. 4 1 basic industrial naphtha cracking unit in Linyuan, Taiwan on Monday (July 4). It is reported that the unexpected shutdown was caused by mechanical equipment failure, and it is expected to carry out a two-week short-term repair. The zigzag loading of the cantilever beam zigzag Charpy sample of Sinopec No. 4 cracking unit adopts the weight loading situation, and the design capacity is 380000 tons/year. The bellows ring stiffness tester is widely used in the determination of the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and fiberglass pipes with annular cross-section, ethylene and 193000 tons/year propylene

in addition, CPC also has two cracking units in Linyuan and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The capacity of No. 3 Linyuan unit is 230000 tons/year ethylene and 115000 tons/year propylene, and the capacity of No. 5 Kaohsiung unit is 500000 tons/year ethylene and 250000 tons/year propylene

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