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Taiwan's "second generation of printing" worked together to highlight the power of innovative printing in Hong Kong Exhibition

: after decades of development, many printing enterprises are currently facing the problem of inheritance and succession, and the dozen staff members on our booth this time are the second generation of printing enterprises in Taipei and their successors. On April 27th, 2013, the 8th Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition officially kicked off. At the exhibition site, Mr. Chen jinglang, chairman of Taipei printing industry association and chairman of Guanglong Printing Factory Co., Ltd., said in an interview with CPP114

it is reported that at this exhibition, the delegation of the Taipei printing industry association was jointly participated by nearly ten printing enterprises from Taiwan in the name of the association. The booth will gather the advantages of various craft, and will fully display Taiwan's printing products and establish the image of the most professional all-round printing alliance with four blocks: packaging box design area, exquisite design and special processing area, environmental protection stone paper product area, and guild introduction area. From the introduction of President Chen jinglang, we learned that the exhibition of this association was completed by the concerted efforts of this Indian refreshing force, from the initial scheme conception, theme planning, building creativity, to the subsequent overall arrangement and collaborative implementation

2013 Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition is the first step for printing to expand international business in the new generation

innovative environmental protection exhibition highlights the emerging power of printing

in the three joint exhibition units located at 3-e22, 24 and 26, we first noticed that the product line-up shelves, data distribution counters and other objects on their booths were made of relatively light and environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard. The cardboard shape is simple and interesting. The overall color is mainly white, green, yellow and other bright colors, and the booth layout is attracting attention

President Chen said that in order to achieve the best visual display effect, the exhibition preparation team specially set up a design group to discuss, fine tune and revise the design drawings of display shelves and the relevant visual design and location layout of battlefield block layout, and then completed the first small model white embryo model processing discussion, the second stage small sample color model production and confirmation, and finally completed the production of physical objects. The use of environmentally friendly materials and the unique restoration of cell elasticity in the special exhibition design reflects the innovative concept and action of the new generation of printers

details forge boutiques to reflect Taiwan's printing enterprise thinking

3d stereoscopic printing, creative packaging design, environmental protection and energy-saving Stone paper, special glazing development, customized small quantity printing and order receiving. At the booth of the Taipei printing industry association, hardcover books, exquisite calendars with a variety of post press processes, gift packaging with high printing process requirements and other display products attracted the most buyers to stop and watch. Chairman Chen said that these products were provided by enterprises such as Shanshui printing company, Caini art printing company, Keyi printing company, Zhonghua color printing company, Jingcai Co., Ltd. and Chenwei printing company under the name of the trade union. They are representative products of these enterprises that are extremely controversial in their own special printing technology fields

different from the large-scale, integrated and one-stop production pursued by inland printing enterprises at present, Taiwan printing enterprises have more unique competitiveness in some exclusive fields. Most of Taiwan's printing enterprises are small and medium-sized sensors: sensors are an important part of the accuracy and force measurement stability of experimental machines, but to solve the problem of cross provincial replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, production has its own characteristics, based on the refinement, refinement and long-term development of a printing link. The ingenious cooperation and cooperation of all links can be realized among peers, and the road of homogenization and vicious competition can be avoided. President Chen came to this conclusion based on his understanding of Taiwan's printing industry over the years

with the development of the printing industry, many of the older generation of printers have reached the age of unloading and retirement, and a large number of printing and packaging enterprises have ushered in the moment of handover between the life and death of enterprises. How to develop smoothly and orderly in the inheritance of enterprises is closely related to the new generation of printers. It's better to rise than sit down. This exhibition of the association aimed at cultivating the ability of Taiwan's young successors to explore overseas business markets gave this group of second-generation Indians a valuable opportunity to practice. What kind of business philosophy and survival path the new generation of printers will have, and what kind of printing prospects they will create, are worth looking forward to

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