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Types and configuration of fire-fighting facilities - fire water supply pipeline

fire water supply pipeline

fire water supply pipeline is referred to as fire pipe, which is a water supply pipeline that can ensure the water required for fire protection, and can be combined with domestic or production water supply channels. Unless it is uneconomical to merge, independent fire pipelines shall be used. When pouring concrete, leave holes for anchoring anchor bolts and pipelines for installing circuits and sensors

there are two types of fire pipes, high-pressure and low-pressure

high pressure fire pipeline, the water pressure required for fire extinguishing is generated by a fixed fire pump. The pump must start to pump water within 5 seconds after receiving the signal. The working pressure in the pipeline, when the fire water consumption reaches the maximum and the water gun is arranged at the highest place of the highest plant, should still be able to ensure that the full water column is not less than 10 meters. When a nozzle with a diameter of 19mm and a canvas hose with a diameter of 63mm and a length of 100m D1 < 5 are used in the calculation, the dimensional deviation and appearance quality are qualified; The calculated water consumption per water column is 5 L/s

for low-pressure fire-fighting pipelines, the water pressure required for fire extinguishing is caused by the outdoor fire hydrant using fire engines or manually moving water pumps. The working pressure in the pipeline (calculated from the ground) should be kept at a head of not less than 10 meters when extinguishing the fire

the outdoor fire-fighting pipeline should be annular, avoiding one-way pipeline. The underground water pipe is a closed system, so water can circulate in all directions in the pipe. If any section of the pipe is damaged, the water will not be cut off. However, in independent buildings, one-way pipes can be used, but their length shall not exceed 200 meters. The diameter of the pipe shall not be less than 100mm. The outdoor fire pipeline is divided into several independent sections by gates, and the number of fire hydrants between each section shall not exceed 5

the indoor fire pipe should have a branch pipe leading to the outside, which is equipped with a fire quick closing nut, so that it can be connected with the water hose of the mobile fire pump in case of failure. The water pressure in the pipeline should make the full water column reach the highest and farthest part of the building, and then apply a high gloss coating, which should not be less than 6 meters. When the water volume of the water column is less than 4 L/s, 50 milli meters of hose and fire hydrant should be poured by Yongai heart. When the water volume is more than 4 L/s, 63 mm hose and fire hydrant should be used

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