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Taiwan Island blackout! More than 13million households have been affected! Are chip manufacturers such as TSMC affected

Taiwan Island blackout! Therefore, the accuracy of force value is high, and more than 13million households have been affected! Are chip manufacturers such as TSMC affected? A large-scale power outage occurred in Taiwan on the 13th, affecting a total of about 4million households and 13.19 million households in counties and cities across Taiwan. At nearly 15:00 on the same day, Taiwan electric power company had no warning notice. Due to an accident at Xingda power plant in Kaohsiung, the whole plant was shut down. At present, the power supply capacity of the system is insufficient. At 15:00, it began to implement emergency zoning and take turns to cut power

subsequently, most counties and cities in Taiwan experienced power outages. According to the plan of Taiwan Electric Power Corporation, from 15:00 to 20:00 on the same day, power cuts will be implemented in multiple counties and cities in turn in six rounds. Each round of power cuts will last for 50 minutes, affecting a total of about 4million households and 13.19 million households in Taiwan

as for the cause of power failure, Taiwan electric power company said that power failure is not a problem of power shortage, but a factor of electricity. Specifically, four units of Xingda power plant tripped due to the bus failure of the North ultra-high voltage substation of Luzhu Road, Kaohsiung City

public opinion does not accept such an explanation. Some groups pointed out that the lack of electricity is a major hidden worry of Taiwan's impact testing machine. The DPP authorities have always claimed that Taiwan is not short of electricity, but the abolition of nuclear power can not provide enough electricity and safe electricity. Such an unstable energy policy must be reviewed. A friend pointed out that before the peak of power consumption, the power outage began. What should we do in a hotter summer? The head of the competent economic department of the Taiwan authorities led the senior management of the Taiwan electric power company to hold a meeting that night to apologize to the society. The competent economic department said that it would further investigate and review the faults that led to the power outage and would give a more complete explanation as soon as possible on the 14th. Taiwan Electric Power Corporation said it would offer tariff reductions to affected households

after tight operation, simple and urgent repair, Taiwan electric power company finally restored normal power supply at 20:00 on the same day. People were affected, and once the paint surface of steel was damaged or the early corrosion prevention was not done well, it was easy to rust and corrode for more than 5 hours

whether the local semiconductor industry is affected is the focus of great attention from the outside world. Naturally, what the technology industry is most concerned about is the operation of large semiconductor factories such as TSMC. TSMC also responded to the outside world at the first time. TSMC said that due to the power failure of Taiwan Xingda power plant in the afternoon, some of its plant areas experienced short-term voltage reduction. At present, the power supply is normal, emergency response measures have been taken, and generators have been prepared, which will minimize the impact

according to media reports, the world advanced chip manufacturer in Taiwan said that the power supply and operation of the three plants in Zhuke and Taoyuan were normal; Liandian said that there was a short-term voltage drop in Nanke plant, but it did not affect production. The production and operation of Zhuke plant were normal. As Taiwan produces 85% of the world's high-end chips, the market is worried that this will cause the current global chip crisis to further deteriorate

since the end of last year, the global chip shortage has plagued many industries such as automobile, home appliance and intelligence, and many automobile manufacturers have been forced to stop production lines. At the beginning of this year, Texas was hit by a rare snowstorm and a fire broke out in the Risa chip factory, which exacerbated the chip shortage crisis

some analysts predict that the global chip shortage may continue until 2023. In mid April, an unexpected power outage occurred in P7 plant of TSMC Nanke wafer 14 (FAB 14), and the power supply was restored after half a day of emergency repair. The plant is an important production area of automotive chips with 40nm and 45nm processes in TSMC's 12 inch wafer plant. According to local media analysis, at least thousands to tens of thousands of wafers are facing scrap after this short power outage

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