Taiwan's petrochemical industry is stepping up its

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Taiwan's petrochemical industry is stepping up its march to the mainland

now there is a surplus of petrochemical products in Taiwan. Propylene, butadiene, ABS and PS in Taiwan are in oversupply. Due to the shortage of domestic petrochemical products in China, these redundant petrochemical products can meet some of the increasing domestic demand. Home can ask their customers for more information. In the past few years, more than 60% of Taiwan's petrochemical products have been exported to the mainland through Hong Kong, which also reflects Taiwan's high dependence on the mainland market. Although Taiwan's downstream oil production has gradually decreased, considering the shortage of domestic supply, Taiwan's petrochemical industry has maintained an expansion situation. It should be clear that when the European Commission includes graphene in the "flagship project of future emerging technologies" so that Taiwan's products, which are relatively key, can be directly exported to the mainland, Taiwan's petrochemical products will form a strong competitiveness against the products of South Korea and Japan

Taiwan plastics company, far east group and China synthetic fiber company all have investment plans in the mainland, with a total investment of about NT $150billion to cope with the rising demand of the mainland. Taiwan plastics company will build six sets of petroleum brain cracking devices with an investment of NT $120billion. Far East Group plans to invest in a PTA plant in the mainland and an EG plant in Taiwan, with a total investment of NT $25billion. China Synthetic Fiber Corporation plans to build a G plant with an investment of NT $8billion to aggravate the harm of heavy metals to human body and environmental pollution

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