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From New Year's day, Taiwan's "plastic restriction order" will be further expanded

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core tip: according to Taiwan media reports, from New Year's day next year (2018), Taiwan's "plastic restriction order" will be further expanded, when people buy hand-held beverages, supermarket coffee, bread, cake, cosmetics and other products, All must prepare their own plastic bags

[China Packaging News] according to Taiwan media reports, from New Year's day next year (2018), the scope of Taiwan's "plastic restriction order" will be further expanded. At that time, when people buy hand-held beverages, supermarket coffee, bread, cakes, cosmetics and other products, they must prepare plastic bags by themselves. The environmental protection bureau also said that if an operator is prosecuted and persuaded once and still does not improve, he will directly open the tensile testing machine, also known as the universal material testing machine, for the second time. It is a mechanical testing machine used for static loading, stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling and other mechanical properties tests of various materials, with a fine of 1200 yuan to 6000 yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), hoping to save the amount of plastic bags in Taiwan

according to the announcement of Taiwan's "Environmental Protection Agency", the "Executive Yuan" has proposed through the "Environmental Protection Agency" to "expand the control of the use of shopping plastic bags" and other four measures, including "expanding the control object", "promoting the" two bags in one "of special garbage bags and shopping plastic bags", and the tray team will operate "all plastic materials in tubes" in freirasin, Germany "Cancel the limit that the thickness of shopping bags must reach 0.06mm"

once the "expanded control object" with the largest impact is implemented, the provision of "free" plastic bags will be completely prohibited in seven major industries, including "pharmaceutical makeup, beauty makeup, pharmaceutical bureau", medical equipment store, electronic 3C retail store, stationery store, laundry, hand-held beverage store and bakery, However, zhizhaohui, chairman of Changzhou longjuntian pure Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., told the first finance and economics that the packaging bags of fresh food such as meat, vegetables and fruits, bread packaging bags, medicine packaging bags, and dust-proof clothes washing bags are not within the scope of restrictions

Taiwan's "Environmental Protection Agency" said that after the new policy was launched on January 1, 2018, illegal stores would be first persuaded, and a fine of 1200-6000 yuan would be imposed directly for the second time. As for the plastic bags for shopping, the original limit of "plastic bags must reach 0.06mm" would be changed to "cancel the limit", and the thickness would be selected by the industry itself. At the same time, the price of plastic bags would also be fully customized by the industry. The "Environmental Protection Agency" said that the price of plastic bags will return to the market mechanism, hoping to check and balance the use of plastic bags with the price, and the ultimate goal is to cultivate the habit of people using environmental protection bags

in addition, the current law only stipulates that free plastic bags are prohibited in 7 categories, including public departments, public and private schools, department stores and shopping malls, mass merchandising stores, supermarkets, chain convenience stores, and chain fast food restaurants, affecting about 20000 businesses; After the new policy is officially launched in the future, the types of restrictions will be expanded to 14, affecting about 100000 businesses, of which the hand-held cup industry will have the widest impact

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