Taiwandrone100 is the hottest light in Tainan

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Tainan light! Taiwan drone 100 shows the success of Taiwan

Tainan light! Taiwan and after using the impact experimental machine, the drone100 drone show showed success in Taiwan

a while ago, the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung came to the American Intel team to show 300 drones. In the inp4h-hema-tris system, with the increase of the content of hydrophilic monomer Tris, its oxygen permeability increased. The high-altitude show alternative lamp sea is so beautiful. In fact, Taiwan also has a UAV group flying team, led by Professor Li Zhiqing of South Taiwan University of science and technology, The call for the "Taiwan drone 100 unmanned aerial vehicle group flight plan" was performed in the open space (old Yonghua night market) next to the Anping Taiwan ship Park in Tainan last night (the 30th). 36 unmanned aerial vehicles lifted off at the same time, which is also quite beautiful

at present, the application of UAV is no longer limited to video photography. Pesticide spraying, fire fighting, disaster investigation and so on are the scope of its expanded application

Li perfected the full-scale examination of materials, performance evaluation in service environment, and the use of demonstration lines and other supporting conditions. After a year of software and hardware tests, Zhiqing and his team have developed the first UAV group flight control system completely developed by Taiwan technicians since 2018, including group flight path planning and conversion calculation system, flight real-time monitoring system, etc. Li Zhiqing shared that by upgrading and opening the supply side reform, accelerating the production of Qingyuan flight control technology and controlling the autonomous formation, Taiwan's sky can also have the spectacular scene of hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles flying in groups. In addition to being used in lighting performances, this technology can also be used in military applications. I believe that there will be more amazing applications in the future

36 unmanned aerial vehicles are in the shape of Taiwan. (picture/from Taiwan drone 100 Facebook))

36 drones in Tainan performed, and the word "success" was written. (picture/from Taiwan drone 100 Facebook)

36 drones in Tainan performed, emitting the word "success". (picture/taken from Taiwan drone 100 Facebook)

Li Zhiqing said that for the integration of high-end systems of UAVs, he worked with four universities to jointly organize UAV education centers across Taiwan, complete the UAV steam education program for primary and secondary schools, and plan to handle teacher studies, hoping to promote UAV education to the whole country

a total of 36 unmanned aerial vehicles lifted off together in the performance last night, and the team also invited Tainan mayor Huang weizhe to the scene to watch

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