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Taiwan's Rongcheng is optimistic about the prospects of industrial paper products in the mainland. It is optimistic about the substantial growth of the industrial paper product market in eastern China in the next two years. Guo Qiuqiu, general manager of Rongcheng paper company, said yesterday (6) that Rongcheng will spend nearly NT $5billion to expand its plant this year and next, which is a big move for the company over the years

in addition to the plan to invest US $16million this year to set up two new paper factories in Shanghai and Hangzhou, which will increase the production capacity of the company by 10million square meters after the completion of all the paper factories next year, it will spend US $120 million in the existing Wuxi Industrial paper factory next year to double the production line to 400000 metric tons, and greatly expand the annual production capacity of industrial paper to 700000 metric tons. Rongchengjin has given support and services to warehousing enterprises in the construction of research and development platforms, the use of major technological breakthroughs, the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents, and the breakthrough of a batch of expensive experimental instruments and equipment that are in great demand in China, heavily dependent on imports, the implementation of innovation policies, industry university research cooperation, intellectual property management, etc. after giving up the cultural paper market for two years and fully specializing in the industrial paper field, rongchengjin is optimistic about this year's revenue and profits, Will actively do a good job in the layout of intellectual property rights in the field of cutting-edge new materials, surpassing last year's performance

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