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Taiwan's textile industry received urgent orders for nylon granules from the mainland during the Spring Festival. The Taiwan textile industry received urgent orders for nylon granules from the Chinese Mainland, which suddenly made the nylon processed silk market, which had been silent for almost a quarter, anxious. It decided not to rest during the Spring Festival and spare no effort to rush orders with very decadent prospects

after the news, the textile industry, which was excited, saw the stocks of the processed silk group rise continuously. It is rare to see such a "grand occasion" in the unpopular textile stocks

however, calm down. According to the analysis since the founding of new China, the processing silk industry, which has been hungry for a quarter without orders, suddenly appeared an urgent order at the end of December and was about to choke. Is this a temporary replenishment of inventory with a "flash of fire" or the beginning of the peak season with a "long history"

the industry said that it's not necessary to be too happy. Taiwan manufacturers should pay special attention to the fact that this is only inventory replenishment or real downstream demand increase

Taiwan Lipeng said that it did receive an urgent order of about 30000 metric tons from the mainland. Recently, it worked hard to work overtime. A batch of finished products have been shipped to the mainland, but the other end is eager to find caprolactam (CPL), the raw material of nylon granules, in the spot market. However, due to the poor market conditions in the fourth quarter, CPL manufacturers have reduced production or annual maintenance. Now, due to the sudden demand for raw materials, CPL factory can not produce and supply in time while taking care of the original contract orders

the lack of raw materials prompted Li Peng to suspend the quotation. The urgent orders received at present must not rest in the whole factory during the lunar new year, and strive to fight for orders. It is expected that all deliveries will be completed in mid February

nylon manufacturers pointed out that in fact, this wave of mainland orders should be viewed in three stages. In early December, a wave of orders were regarded as replenishment of inventory, mainly because mainland manufacturers thought that the quotation of nylon granules was too high in October and November and were unwilling to place orders. In early December, they saw that raw materials were running out and had to replenish inventory

the second wave of urgent orders for nylon granules received at the end of December was the inventory of mainland customers who thought the raw material price was reasonable; The third stage depends on the status of orders after the year. If there is a steady flow of orders, it represents the beginning of the peak season, but it takes time to prove it

the nylon industry believes that the worst situation of the prosperity of the processed silk group has passed, and the market visibility from the lunar year to February is very clear, but the situation in March is still unclear. However, the CPL contract price has bounced from $2500 all the way up, and the four corners of the rectangular hollow pier have been positioned to $2700 with a total station. The market has been brewing, and the follow-up is quite expected

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