Printing enterprises urgently need self publicity

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In the era of new media competition and cooperation, printing enterprises urgently need to self publicize

Print on demand on the effectiveness comparison between printed matter and other marketing methods and the position of printing in the hearts of marketers and printing buyers. British "printing weekly" recently carried out the latest industry research. The survey results show that at a time when various media methods are expanding and developing, printing enterprises still need to strengthen their operations in improving their image and winning fans

many times, the printing industry is not good at self promotion. Although the lack of publicity has improved in the industry in recent years, the potential of the printing industry itself has not been recognized by many marketers or even some printing buyers. The consequence of this problem is that the printing industry has not successfully portrayed itself as a highly flexible and creative image, and ultimately cannot become the first choice for many customers when making budget choices

this survey surveyed 450 printing buyers and marketing personnel. Compared with the survey in the same period last year, most printing buyers and marketing personnel reduced the print budget from 1-3 million pounds to less than 250000 pounds. Of course, the economic recession has had an impact on all market consumption, and the budgets of other marketing methods have also been reduced. It is worth paying attention to the printing factory. 53% of the respondents said that among all the company's publicity budget expenses, it is understood that the printing materials still tighten the flange nuts of the machine head, which sometimes occupy the highest share

72% of the respondents said that the printing industry is still lacking in shaping itself as an effective media. Encouragingly, 62% of the respondents believed that the publicity effect of printed matter was better than that of e-mail, and 46% of the respondents said that printed matter was the most effective media. Obviously, marketers and print buyers recognize the effectiveness of print, but they need awesome's case study to get the financial director of their company to approve the relevant budget expenses. However, it is not the responsibility of marketers to prove how extraordinary the role of printed matter is

in addition, at present, many companies are choosing the most environmentally friendly marketing method, newspaper printing, and printed matter is also misunderstood as non environmentally friendly products. Almost 70% of the respondents believed that electronic communication was more environmentally friendly than printed matter, and they said that 95% of consumers would also think so. However, the interviewees also realized that printing is not the black sheep of the environmental protection army, and knew that compared with electronic media, printing also has many green certifications. In this regard, 80% of the respondents believed that printing enterprises urgently need to vigorously promote their green certification

therefore, through this survey, it can be concluded that in this era of mutual competition and integration of media, printing enterprises still need to help themselves if they want to improve their status. They need to make more publicity for themselves, and help marketing personnel to prove to the person in charge of financial power within the company that packaging design is still the most effective way in the field of marketing. Most respondents also said that in the next five years, printing expenditure will be their next reduction area. It can be seen that it is urgent for the printing industry to improve its image by retaining customers such as analytical instruments, experimental machines, optical instruments, surveying and mapping instruments, etc

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