UK supermarkets advocate green consumption by redu

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Reduce the use of plastic bags British supermarkets advocate green consumption

in order to encourage "green consumption", some supermarkets in the UK will reduce the use of plastic bags and reuse the packaging of some goods

Tesco Supermarket Co., Ltd., the largest retailer in Britain, recently announced that it plans to reduce the annual use of 4billion plastic bags in its supermarkets to 3 by 2008. The comparison between domestic and foreign countries points out that new materials, new processes and new technologies speed up the utilization of innovative materials; New design concepts such as "replacing steel with plastic", modularization and lightweight promote the utilization of new materials in automobiles; Engineering plastics are gradually expanding from the traditional field of utilization on the booth of Harbin Institute of technology to a deeper field; Environmental protection and recyclability promote the utilization of new materials in automobiles; In 2015, more detailed policies and regulations will be issued, and additional membership card points will be awarded to customers who use old plastic bags with the term definition of jjg1136 ⑵ 017 or other packaging bags. Tesco currently has 13million customers with membership cards. For each plastic bag saved, Tesco will give him a bonus of points. Asda, another British supermarket chain, has also announced that it will use reusable "lifelong packaging bags" in its supermarkets. Environmentalists pointed out that these plastic bags consume a lot of energy and produce a lot of garbage, which is also very harmful to marine life

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