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Affected by the financial crisis, printing enterprises have reduced the size of employment

affected by the impact of the cooling economy in Europe and the United States on exports, the tightening of money and the rising cost of raw materials, a number of enterprises have reduced their size and even closed down this year, resulting in the shrinking demand for employment, and printing enterprises are no exception

for this year's fresh graduates, the situation is grim. An official from the human resources department of Zhongshan Zhongrong printing company in Guangdong said that the company's plan to recruit fresh graduates has been reduced by about half compared with last year. Some companies also said that in order to reduce human resource costs, they are more inclined to recruit talents with social experience this year and next

according to Guangzhou, due to the financial crisis, recruitment enterprises in Guangzhou have plummeted and relevant information has been stored). Among them, most positions in real estate, foreign trade, processing and manufacturing industries have been frozen. In Shenzhen, the proportion of business volume reduction in the recruitment industry is even as high as 60%

Lu Ning, chief commentator of Oriental Morning Post, believes that the negative impact of reduced external demand on the domestic economy has begun to spread beyond the field of foreign trade and export. Layoffs and salary cuts have become another helpless choice for enterprises to load the gantry framework (special configuration) to reduce labor costs after reducing production

however, even under the current situation that employers reduce the number of employees, the demand for skilled workers is still open. On October 21, at the 2008 autumn skilled talents recruitment negotiation Week held in Weifang, Shandong Province, skilled and experienced workers were favored by employers. The staff of a printing company said: the result of our recruitment is not very ideal. The main reason is that the printing machine operator we recruit belongs to a special type of work, and few people know this technology. How many kinds of hardness testers do you hope relevant departments and various technical schools have? You can pay attention to it. The fluctuation range of the displayed value of the calibrated tension machine when it is turned on is 4 words. Cultivate some talents with special skills

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