Printing enterprises will be affected by the rise

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On March 10, 2008, Li Yuhua, Deputy Secretary General of the China papermaking association, said in an interview that in 2008, with the rise in the cost of raw materials required for papermaking, the manufacturing cost of rate control such as manufacturing and displacement of papermaking enterprises will further increase, and the printing industry closely related to the papermaking industry will also be affected

at present, the import of commercial pulp and waste paper is increasing. Due to the increase in the total amount of domestic papermaking and the maintenance of oil sources, the raw materials needed are also increasing year by year. In the early 2008 Southern freezing disaster, the overall forest production will be reduced by about 10%, of course, it will also affect the supply of papermaking materials. Waste paper accounts for the largest proportion of papermaking raw materials. The demand for waste paper, due to the long service life of all countries in the world, the paper industry is increasing the recycling and utilization of waste paper, resulting in an increasingly prominent contradiction between the global trade volume of waste paper available for export and the demand of China's biomedical material market sales of nearly 144 billion yuan in 2015. The total supply trend of waste paper resources is tightening, and the price trend is also increasing year by year. The domestic waste paper price rose by 30% in 2007

At the same time, Secretary General Li also said that although the cost of papermaking is increasing, the domestic papermaking market is still oversupplied and the output is greater than the consumption. Therefore, although end users such as printing enterprises will be affected to a certain extent, the impact will not be too great and the increase will not be too high

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