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Printing in the digital age is also wonderful.

more than 500 well-known printing and packaging manufacturers at home and abroad gathered in Shanghai New International Expo Center yesterday to display a series of the latest products and equipment from prepress, plate making, proofing, printing, post press processing to post process packaging. Citizens enjoy watching in front of the colorful booth. After careful observation at the exhibition, I got the impression that the "Digital Age" is effectively promoting the profound reform of printing and packaging

traditional printing will be eliminated

participate in the identification of Henan high efficiency aluminum based new material innovation center led by Zhongfu industry as Henan manufacturing innovation center. Printing experts at this exhibition told that compared with traditional printing, digital printing has incomparable advantages in on-demand printing, variable data printing, distribution and so on. In particular, variable data printing, which cannot be solved in traditional printing, can be easily realized in digital printing

seeing the third generation of internationally leading high-precision inkjet printer on the booth, due to the use of digital technology, the printed body stickers, double-sided blowtorch box cloth and Citi cloth are all lifelike, clear and natural in color. Digital technology can ensure that the reprinted printed matter has the same effect as the first edition. Through digital transmission, a document or material can be printed at several printing points at the same time, saving a lot of manpower and material resources

it was revealed that during the APEC period, more than 500000 documents were completed from a digital printing company in the basement of the conference center. At present, digital technology has been widely used, and traditional printing is gradually withdrawing from the historical stage

children's products take the lead in environmental protection, sanitation and environmental protection, which has always been an important topic in the printing and packaging industry. It was seen at the exhibition that one of the printing raw materials, the powder sprayer, has begun to replace the original chemical synthetic raw materials with plant raw materials. The products printed with such powder spray are hygienic, non stick and anti-static

it is reported that the printing and packaging of domestic food bags will gradually adopt pollution-free and environment-friendly printing materials, and if loose applications are found in the field of children's food, it will be safe, non-toxic and carefree when children are exposed to colorful food packaging

create "Silicon Valley" for printing and packaging

it was also learned at the exhibition that at present, the annual output value of printing and packaging in China is up to nearly 500billion yuan, and China has become one of the world's largest printing and packaging countries. However, relevant experts pointed out that a large printing and packaging country is not equal to a strong printing and packaging country. Shanghai's successful bid for the WorldExpo has stimulated the desire of the printing and packaging industry at home and abroad to enter the city. Wenzhou private entrepreneurs spent a lot of money to rush to Shanghai and built an international printing and packaging city with a total area of 480000 square meters in Putuo District of the city. The "Silicon Valley" of Chinese printing and packaging, which is scheduled to be built in April next year, will build an information window and trade platform for the timely exchange of international printing and packaging. (Sina)

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