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Printing and packaging of China's welfare lottery

the approval procedure for the issuance of welfare lottery tickets issued in China has very strict regulations and is highly authoritative. Once its circulation volume, face value, specifications, etc. are determined, it will not be changed at will, nor will it be revised or republished. Lottery tickets are made of rubber and plastic. Shore hardness ha, HD and other hardness values indicate the ability of the material surface to resist the pressing of solid objects, so as to prevent buyers from counterfeiting, especially for cars winning the lottery. Generally, it takes more than a dozen or even dozens of processes to print. Among them, the most valuable is the implementation of the "process darkness method" in lottery production, which ensures that no one (including printing manufacturers, ticket buyers, lottery distribution centers) can know the distribution of lottery tickets in all lottery tickets printed, so as to prevent ticket picking. Anti counterfeiting is to prevent counterfeiters from forging winning tickets and falsely claiming prizes. The purpose of anti pick is to ensure that every ticket buyer has an equal chance of winning the lottery. Even if there is a fake and lifelike lottery ticket, it can be quickly identified by a simple method

the printing factory of lottery tickets is generally printed by the designated printing factory specially printing securities, and some of them are marked with the name and code of the printing factory on the lottery tickets. For example, the main lottery printing manufacturers now include: Beijing No.2 printing factory (02), Shijiazhuang offset printing factory (04), Guangzhou Dongfanghong printing company (05), Beijing Guangcai printing center (06), and so on. They have different characteristics and advantages in printing different types of lottery tickets

lottery tickets, like stamps, have their own numbers, series, special topics, etc., so each printing factory undertakes the printing of one or more series of lottery tickets. For example, the lottery tickets of the unveiling series are mainly printed by Shijiazhuang offset printing factory, generally 80 tickets per small box; Beijing Guangcai Printing Center Printed G's "interesting Poker" and other new series of lottery scratch tickets, which are packed in plastic bags, with 100 pieces per small bag; Beijing lottery Printing Co., Ltd. printed g "Tongxin song" is the transmission ratio series, and the lottery tickets are printed with long horizontal links (more than 10 sets of 40 or 50); Some of the welfare lottery tickets with modern logistics facilities in China sold in Guangdong are printed and issued in the form of reels, with computer lottery, ranging from 500 tickets per ticket

in the welfare lottery, both "W ticket" (external ticket) and "n ticket" (internal ticket) are w tickets wrapped with n tickets, sealed with sewing machine stitches (including the earliest "dragon ticket" series). The "DN ticket" (in bag ticket) is sealed and issued with a lottery ticket in a paper bag or plastic bag. When issuing, it is treated by removing the thread or bag

with the continuous expansion of the collection scale, in order to meet the requirements, series of lottery tickets such as "Shanghai style" and "flood relief" have also been printed with exquisite outer packaging and collection cards

source: Chongqing Business Daily

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