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2018 new Jiuyang wall breaking cooking machine l18

2018 new Jiuyang wall breaking cooking machine recommendation: Jiuyang heating vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y929 health preserving soybean milk full-automatic household multi-functional auxiliary food mixer, as a new type, how about its function? Let's take a look at the configuration features of the y929 wall breaking cooking machine of Jiuyang as follows. The user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, details the configuration parameters, and check whether the digital circuit voltage is + 5V? If there is no hope, it can help the friends who need it

I Configuration features of Jiuyang wall breaking cooking machine y929:

vacuum wall breaking [anti-oxidation, less foam, fruit juice not easy to layer, rich and delicious taste]

35000 RPM [high speed wall breaking, more adequate nutrition release, strong motor heating]

hot and cold double cups [farewell to chassis heating, three-dimensional heating, no bottom paste, full nutrition release]

refer to the latest quotation of tmall Electric City, 3.3.2 quality grade

II. It is found through the test of a certified third-party laboratory, and the advantages and disadvantages of Jiuyang wall breaking cooking machine y929:

advantages: the price is much more cost-effective than the physical store. The five grain soybean milk produced is very fragrant, and the filter free soybean milk machine used in the past is still very coarse. It is simply easier to use than the ordinary soybean milk machine, and the sound is also acceptable. It is worth recommending, Like friends do not hesitate

disadvantages: after pouring soymilk, the glass mouth will still flow soymilk down to the black seam. It feels that it will become moldy in the future. The clamping unit can be conditioned. Therefore, when pouring soymilk, you should pay attention to wiping it with a cloth. View more advantages and disadvantages evaluation exposure III. detailed configuration parameters:

functions: thick soup, Dendrobium medicinal diet, five grain syrup, health preserving porridge, nourishing paste, fruit and vegetable juice, sauce, crushing/cleaning, start/cancel, appointment, heating, speed and time

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