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In 2018, the sanitary ware industry is facing competition in supply chain, marketing mode and so on

Abstract: in order to show the company's strong strength in materials and processing technology, it is not difficult for us to find that in the coming 2017, a large number of home building materials enterprises have listed on the capital market, which shows that the home building materials industry has accumulated a large number of powerful enterprises, and also prompted the industry to reshuffle

in the coming 2017, it is not difficult for us to find that in this year, a large number of home building materials enterprises have listed on the capital market, which indicates that the home building materials industry has accumulated this equipment. There are only a large number of powerful enterprises here in the provincial testing institutions, which also promotes the reshuffle of the industry

lvxiaowei, chairman of Hunan Boya Meijia home furnishing operation management organization, said: "It is normal for the waves to wash the sand and the industry to reshuffle. This is the yardstick for the market to truly test enterprises. There is competition and test, which is good for enterprises. In the Internet era, no one can live without the Internet. We should embrace the market, seek development in 'change', and make good use of the Internet as a tool to let more people know our industry. In this era, we can only move forward, not backward."

driven by the national macro strategy, all costs in production are further stimulated, which also leads to the further increase in the price of the home building materials industry. Facing this trend, Kongguangyou, chairman of Hunan Liangde building materials Co., Ltd., said: "we can't control the rising cost behavior, which is an inevitable trend of social development. The state's attention to environmental protection has led to a series of adjustment measures, which will inevitably increase the production cost of the factory. First, we have adopted large-scale centralized procurement to reduce costs. Second, what we can do is to benefit consumers and let consumers enjoy better products and services."

"In our ceramic sanitary ware industry, I think the best embodiment of smart home is the smart toilet. In the past, few people used the smart toilet, but with the upgrading of consumption, the proportion of sales data of ordinary toilet and smart toilet is almost 1:1. We have also increased our investment in product research and development, and now the technology is becoming more and more mature. With the development of IOT and higher cost, the development of mobile Internet technology is also changing people's lifestyle, and intelligent water The level is getting higher and higher, penetrating into every aspect of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In the future, smart home will bring people a new life experience. " Said dengjianqing, chairman of Changsha Shengshi Zhongyuan Building Materials Co., Ltd

2018, the coming year of Honeywell's characteristic materials and technology group, will be a new era for the home furnishing industry and the sanitary ware industry. In this new era, the competition among enterprises in the future will not only be turbulent, but also bloody. The competition among enterprises is not only a simple price competition, but also a competition among supply chains, marketing models and corporate cultures. Of course, the future home furnishing industry will also be full of more imagination and potential

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